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The seller of the child will finish desjatiletku

City court of Berdsk (Novosibirsk region) has considered case about trade in children. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, local resident Dmitry Olenev has decided to sell the two-year child of the acquaintance for $4 thousand as the donor. Accused have sentenced to 10 years of prisons and camps. The sentence has been taken out past Thursday. Defendant Olenev did not feed illusions of a relativity of an outcome of process: the day before the state accuser Elena Verhovsky asked court to appoint to it 12 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a high security colony. Addressing to the chairman of judicial session, Dmitry Olenev has declared: your honour, fault I recognise completely and I promise to be corrected. Do not judge me strictly . However to achieve indulgence accused it was not possible.
From a court sentence followed that, having received a trial period on one of the former crimes (earlier it was we judge for spread of drug addiction and robberies), Dmitry Olenev began to prepare the following. According to the investigation, he has decided to sell the two-year child with a view of a removal of organs and fabrics - as donor of a kidney.
as inspectors have established, idea to sell on bodies Anju Mosenzovu, the daughter of fleeting acquaintance Oksana Mosenzovoj, Dmitry Olenev bore some months. About the preparing transaction it became known to field investigators Novosibirsk UBOP which have developed operation on detention of the dealer. One of them, leaving on Dmitry Oleneva, has explained that the kidney is necessary for its seriously ill patient of the child. For the girl the seller has asked $4 thousand, including $300 of an advance payment. To buyer Olenev has told that the child is brought up in an unsuccessful family and nobody will miss it. Then he has invited Oksana Mosenzovu with daughter Anej, living in remote places, to stay for a while with it some days. On September, 9th Olenev, preliminary having given to drink the woman, took the child and has gone on a meeting with the buyer. At the moment of transfer of a parcel with Dmitry Oleneva`s dollars have detained. Preliminary investigation bodies have brought its accusation under item 126 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Kidnapping ) and 127. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation ( Trade concerning the minor with a view of withdrawal at the victim of bodies or fabrics ).
the Court has considered fault of Oleneva established. On set of crimes to it have appointed nine years. As early as a year have added for not left trial period. In Office of Public Prosecutor have informed that recently Oksana Mosenzova has been deprived the parental rights, and her daughter is defined in children`s home.
Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk