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The friend after a coffin

Behind all grotesque extreme measures disappeared the acute manipulator which perfectly understood in strong and weaknesses of the people, for what it, according to Hamida Ismailov (the head of service BBC Central Asia and on caucasus. - ), has taken on international scene of a position a constant neutrality protecting the state from interventions from the outside.
The Independent
Turkmenia, can, and stays in mourning, but admirers of an opera, ballet, circus, a band music and even owners of autoradio tape recorders in this Central Asian country will celebrate on the quiet Saparmurata Niyazov`s most death, probably, excentric dictator in the world... Though it frequently strange decisions caused cheerful laughter outside of the country, in the Turkmenia all had no time for laughter. There life was ruthlessly cut according to image of Niyazov, and the daily validity was ordered to such degree that in mind involuntarily there were parallels with George Oruella`s book 1984 .

The New York Times
Investment bank Goldman Sachs has directed to the investors the notice that unexpected political changes call into question into political stability of the state and control over export of natural gas . In the document also it is said that now when Niyazov is not present, the USA and, probably more, EU can enter rivalry with Russia and try to convince Turkmenia to construct the new pipeline on a bottom of Caspian sea that will weaken positions Gazprom .

The Washington Post
Though as official statements sounding yesterday also affirmed that the president of Turkmenia possesses foresight gift This dictator why - that could not expect own death or that happens with its country after it... It seems that struggle is inevitable. Niyazov`s mode meant that it the governor of Turkmenia will be eternal, therefore any plans concerning the possible successor were excluded. As it was after Stalin`s death, members of a circle of confidants should be now captured fear and deep distrust to each other. Some of Turkmen officials who ran abroad earlier, say about returning that will even more aggravate struggle. There is a chance that this struggle will mention not only representatives of elite, but will overflow also the people.

Neue Zuercher Zeitung
the Turkmen president did not suffer near to itself independent persons. It was pleasant to it, when government sessions were broadcast on the state television, and it thus chided the ministers listening to it with inclined heads. Imaginary opponents of a mode disappeared one after another in prisons where did not start up even the near relations. To whom has carried, that has had time to run in time, therefore today consisting basically from the former officials the opposition exists only abroad... It has closed universities and has done the utmost, that was not any, even relative freedom of mass-media. It has expelled the majority of the formed Russian-speaking inhabitants from the country in which has forbidden a dual citizenship and has entered a strict visa regime. Because Turkmenia was too important as the supplier of natural gas, its neighbours - Russia and the West - grumbled, but suffered.

Le Figaro
Turkmenbashi - the father of all the Turkman as it has christened itself(himself), - for 21 year of undivided board has established a cult of personality surpassing in boldness Mao and Stalin. In Niyazov`s country all is called as a name of Turkmenbashi: the airport, port on Caspian sea, the meteorite opened recently or even a new grade of a melon... According to organisation Human Rights Watch, Turkmenia at Niyazov became one of the most despotic and closed countries on a planet . Reporters without borders on level of a freedom of speech put it on a penultimate place in the world, directly in front of the North Korea.