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United Russia party members begin with a pure post

As it became known , in a regional cell of the Perm United Russia party members struggle for the main party post inflames. The unique applicant considered earlier Nikolay Devjatkin confirmed by the higher bureau of party and. An island of the secretary of branch. One of these days partrukovodstvo an United Russia (ER) has urged not to combine posts in party and in a legislature (mister Devjatkin on Thursday has been selected by speaker ZS). As a result influential Party members now apply for a vacant place at once some. Observers consider as the main applicant deputy ZS, a top - the manager LUKOIL - Perm Gennady Tushnolobova. However the coordination of its nominee for certain will push off interests of the main industrialists of region - kalijshchikov and oil industry workers. Yesterday the high-ranking source in krajadministratsii has told that the chairman of Legislative Assembly of edge Nikolay Devjatkin does not become the secretary regional United Russia . Party members practically on 100 % have refused this idea - has informed a source . As he said, the federal leader of the United Russia party - Boris Gryzlov has decided to concentrate recently only on work of the speaker and the head of party fraction in the State Duma. To similar practice, according to a source , regional branches of party will follow also. In this case mister Devjatkin cannot head prikamskih United Russia party members because one of these days has been confirmed by the chairman of Legislative Assembly of edge.

we will remind that on the elections which have passed in December an United Russia could not carry out a problem put gensovetom to party, - to win 38 % of votes in the regional centre and more than 42 % as a whole on region. Moreover, United Russia party members have received the low interest of voices for all autumn campaign of 2006; in October the Astrakhan region (38 %) has appeared the most difficult region for the party in power. Default of tasks in view costed to a post to Vladimir Rybakinu who has voluntary left from a post of regional leader ER. Thus and. The island of the secretary has been appointed mister Devjatkin, till the moment of the statement by political council of the new chairman in March - February, 2007.

the interlocutor in administration has informed that the most probable applicant for this post is the deputy of Legislative Assembly Gennady Tushnolobov. It strong, independent, is included into structural system of forces - has underlined a source . Thus it has explained that its nominee can cause and an ambiguous estimation. The matter is that Gennady Tushnolobov is zamgendirektora LUKOIL - Perm . And oil industry workers, according to the interlocutor , do not want to go on an aggravation with the governor. the leader of the United Russia party is always considered as the potential governor on whom personnel selection " depends; - the interlocutor has noted. He has added that similar practice can to revolt kalijshchikov which also want to have high a lobby in the permission, for example, Solikamsk depression (representatives LUKOIL and potash industrial complexes argue, who the first should begin working out of the Verhnekamsky deposit of potash and magnesian salts. - ). Mister Tushnolobov has refused yesterday comments.

however, Gennady Tushnolobov not the unique applicant for a post of the secretary of United Russia party members. Under the information , for leadership now apply 6 - 8 candidates. The most probable applicants, by data , Victor Kobelev, deputy ZS and the secretary of Chernushinsky political council ER Evgenie Vjaznikov (regional group conducted by it " are the deputy of the State Duma Yury Medvedev supervising December elections from ER, zamsekretarja political council; Perm - the South has typed the maximum percent on elections. - ). The mister of Vyazniki did not begin to confirm or deny similar statements. now there are various consultations. I not against to head. But to supervise over local executive committee and political council are different things - he has informed. I am not authorised to speak about it - mister Kobelev has noted .

the regional authorities consider that real a nominee would be all - taki Nikolay Devjatkina`s figure: He is able to constrain balance of various forces . According to the source , if the secretary appoints Gennady Tushnolobov opposition forces in Prikamye will use the best efforts that it did not become the governor. The same source has noticed that anyway Moscow will co-ordinate a nominee with the governor, and clearness in this question will appear only not earlier than January of the next year. Gennady Tushnolobov for us not a deadly variant - other system of relations " will be simply built; - has summed up a source in krajadministratsii.
Artem Voronenko