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the Duma fraction the Native land ( National will - SEPR) yesterday has replenished with four deputies two of which - Gennady Semigin and Gennady Seleznev - head the left-centrist organisations which have recently declared merge in a uniform left-wing party. Under data, in the near future fraction can enter about ten deputies, including entering into fractions an United Russia and the Native land .
Declarations of accession in headed vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Sergey Baburinym have written fraction a member of fraction the Native land Yury Savelyev and three independent deputies: Elena Drapeko, the party leader Patriots of Russia Gennady Semigin and the party leader of revival of Russia Gennady Seleznev. By data, there is a preliminary arrangement on the introduction into fraction in the near future about ten deputies - independent, United Russia party members and rodintsev. In particular, names of independent deputies Svetlana Gorjachevoj, Leonid Ivanchenko and Victor Cherepkova are called. Besides, one of the deputies, wished to remain not named, has informed yesterday that fraction can enter and some members of People party.

in turn, a source in fraction the Native land ( National will - SEPR) has informed that fraction expansion is the first step on a way of formation of new patriotic party on a basis National will headed by Sergey Baburinym. In it, according to the interlocutor, should enter Patriots of Russia Party of revival of Russia, People party and Party of social justice which declared recently forthcoming merge. Definitively this question, according to the source, should clear up till the end of the year.

however, the leader of People party Gennady Gudkov (fraction an United Russia ) Yesterday has declared that neither it, nor Anatoly Aksakov (the second deputy from the People party, consisting in fraction of United Russia party members) to join to baburintsam do not gather. Mister Gudkov has informed that the others 16 deputies from 18 which were earlier members of People party, have already entered in an United Russia . Concerning party association, he has declared that four parties merge on base sotsial - democratic ideology, and National will in a greater degree is nationalist party, therefore their association is illogical.

Sergey Baburin has informed yesterday that after such qualitative growth the fraction intends to bring a management of the State Duma an attention to the question on high-grade representation in chamber directing bodies. I always said that temporarily I combine a post vitse - the speaker and the head of fraction, - the deputy has declared. - I hope that in the beginning of next year the decision on division of these posts " will be accepted;.

One of candidates on a post of the new leader of fraction, by data, is Gennady Semigin. A source in Patriots of Russia yesterday has informed that arrangements on variety of questions while are not present, and the personnel question is planned to solve by a weekend. Thus the interlocutor has let know that Gennady Semigin will not object to appointment to the post of the leader of fraction. Probably, therefore last week mister Semigin as a part of the present Duma has put forward for the first time the independent legislative initiative and has promised after January, 15th to bring the whole package of the bills, concerning social sphere. for someone it becomes a surprise, and very much it will not be pleasant to someone - mnogoobeshchajushche the leader " has declared; patriots .