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For destruction of 44 students one fireman

in Gagarinsky court of Moscow will answer Yesterday debate of the parties on the case of a fire in November, 2003 in a hostel of the Russian university of friendship of the people (RUDN) in which 44 students from the countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa were lost has begun. According to state charge, the biggest term - three years of a colony - settlements - has deserved the fireman inspecting a hostel. Other five accused will get off with conditional terms or will be amnestied.
as the first in court the state accuser has acted. it is tragedy for all! - there has begun the speech public prosecutor Alexey Smirnov. - For relatives of victims and for victims. It is a trouble in any degree and for defendants. But I believe, what exactly inadequate execution of the duties by them and has led to this tragedy .

Pro-rector RUDN on administrative - Evgenie Kunitsyn`s economic part, the chief of an economic board Gennady Yermolaev, chief engineer Avedika Tsaritova and the commandant of a hostel Alexey Biserova, and also master mechanic Vasily Zinoveva accuse as regards 3 articles 219 UK ( the Infringement of the fire prevention rules which have entailed death of two or more persons ) . Under the version of the investigation, accused have not eliminated the numerous infringements revealed checking from Gospozhnadzora though it entered into their duties. In a hostel there was no emergency illumination of ways of evacuation and a siren notifying on operation of the fire alarm system, the metal door of an emergency exit has been locked, walls of corridors are painted by a combustible oil paint. Besides, as has declared a state accuser, to this tragedy RUDN burnt repeatedly. And despite it, evacuation rules have not been explained recently arrived foreigners. The majority of them at all did not know sense of a word ` a fire ` .

Separately the public prosecutor has stopped on arguments accused in the protection, stated during process. they asserted that there was no sufficient financing of the program of fire safety of university and that elimination of infringements was not included into their functions, - the public prosecutor has addressed to the judge. - But it was declared to reduce on purpose the fault and to translate responsibility on others. For what the educational institution commission where the accused entered was necessary pozharotehnicheskaja? As to financing, on indemnification suffered (3,5 million roubles. - ) it is already spent much more money, than there is an alarm system .

Fault of the sixth accused - inspector Gospozhnadzora of the major of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Pavel Lopina, under the version of the investigation, consisted that he did not exercise the right to close a hostel before elimination of the revealed lacks by it. For it the public prosecutor has requested the greatest term - three years of a colony - settlements. To pro-rector Kunitsyn, according to the Office of Public Prosecutor, were the official who could dig up resources for the fire alarm system in a hostel, but has not made it, charge has requested three years conditionally. Similar punishment, according to the public prosecutor, business executive Yermolaev, engineer Tsaritov and commandant Biserov, ignoring instructions of the fireman about numerous infringements deserve also. Mechanic Zinovev who has not tracked serviceability fire hydrants (during a fire tenants of a hostel tried to extinguish the centre of ignition and have stretched to it two fire hoses, but in hydrants there was no water), considering its old age, 79 years, should be amnestied.

in the end of the speech proceeding two and a half hour, public prosecutor Smirnov has declared that, in its opinion, civil suits of victims about material indemnification are subject to full satisfaction. And the declared claims about moral harm to defendants to pay it is unreal. As a result the public prosecutor has suggested to pay to relatives on 300 thousand roubles for each victim and on 100 thousand roubles for each victim. At the nearest sessions in court victims, and then lawyers and accused with last word should act. After that the judge will announce a sentence. Will continue to watch process.