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Astrakhan is a diagnosis

the Astrakhan representation sankt - the Petersburg trading network the Tape on the eve of New Year`s holidays has lost possibility to sell strong alcoholic drinks. By expert estimations, from - for a response of the corresponding licence the company already has lost $30 - 40 thousand In to the Tape explain introduction of retaliatory sanctions by absence of the certificate of commissioning of a building of the Astrakhan shopping centre. It is not excluded that problems with the documentation can lead to a work suspension Tapes in Astrakhan. Regiments with vodka, wines, cognac and champagne in the Astrakhan shopping centre the Tape a week are partitioned off by tablets Excuse, at us the account . Workers of a supermarket zauchenno answer questions on the reason of the arisen problems that it really account and that this week alcohol sale will renew.
However as it became known , at sankt - the Petersburg network the licence for realisation in Astrakhan strong alcoholic drinks is withdrawn. In service of licensing of the Astrakhan region have confirmed this information. However the head of service Vladimir Saltykov has refused to explain, for what to the company sanctions are applied: have not observed necessary requirements; will recover - will obtain the licence back though next day . For a year we have deprived of the licence for alcohol of an order of 120 firms, now we think, - whether to withdraw at one more large Astrakhan company, and the Tape is not the most interesting case - mister Saltykov has declared.
In most to the Tape complain that from - for features of the regional legislation too long it is necessary to co-ordinate the allowing documentation. The associate director of the Astrakhan representation Tapes Julia Pechenkina has specified that the reason of licence withdrawal that the company too long made out the certificate of input of shopping centre in operation. Under its data, monetary losses are huge - about 40 % from a gain in a category drinks . Exact figure of losses madam Pechenkina has refused to name, however experts, making a start from a daily turn of shopping centre in $100 thousand, have assumed that losses from a suspension of sale of alcohol have made for the week which has passed from the date of licence withdrawal of $30 - 40 thousand In to the Tape also have informed that on a response alcoholic licences of a problem of the company in Astrakhan are not settled, as in operation the department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Astrakhan region which at first was limited to instructions is interested in absence of the certificate of delivery of building TTS, and now intends to address in court with the requirement to suspend complex work. Astrakhan is a diagnosis! Our director now fights - fights, but all it will, seemingly, be stretched almost about New year - the interlocutor in " has complained; to the Tape .
However, in a press - service of department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures the reference to the court fact yet do not confirm.
however and. The island of chief Gospozhnadzora Andrey Tchernyaev has specified that inspectors till now work on this object .
All the matter is that genpodrjadchik - Open Company Komstroj - has not handed over a supermarket building, and the Tape in turn, has not accepted it in operation, - has explained an informed circle in the Astrakhan regional Duma. - as, in that case, it has started to work, it is not clear .
In Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet area of Astrakhan have informed that in November - December the supervising body spent shopping centre check the Tape . The information on infringements of requirements of fire-prevention safety regarding water supply, ventilation, means of fire-prevention protection " was checked; - have specified in Office of Public Prosecutor, however about its results have refused to speak, having referred that the information on it can damage reputations sankt - the Petersburg company.
Alexey Dmitrys, Astrakhan