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The Kremlin the speaker of Council of federation Sergey Mironov has heard Valery Zorkina

Yesterday has declared that the law passed by the State Duma on moving of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation (KS) to St.-Petersburg will be rejected as belittling the court right to hold exit sessions. Under data, after a demarche of head KS of Valery Zorkina who has named the law undermining independence and prestige vessels, do not exclude the next editing of the document and in the Kremlin.
yesterday the chairman of the upper chamber Sergey Mironov has declared that federation Council at following session will reject accepted by the State Duma on December, 20th in the third reading of the amendment to the law about KS, providing moving of the Constitutional court to St.-Petersburg. In the law of the speaker does not arrange that the State Duma in general has deprived the Constitutional court of the right to hold exit sessions which contained in former edition of the law. it is impossible to belittle the right of the constitutional judges to hold session there where they will want. If the law with norm about an interdiction for exit session arrives from the State Duma in federation Council, in such kind we will reject it with creation of the conciliatory commission - mister Mironov has declared, having assumed that its opinion will be supported by chamber.

meanwhile in such kind the law is directed on consideration of Council of federation. We will remind, to the second reading of judge KS the court representation have achieved entering into the bill of positions about creation in Moscow. Position that KS can hold sessions not in a place of its constant stay contained in the law and earlier. These positions gave up to judges hope that they can live, work and spend the majority of sessions in Moscow. However to the third reading in the State Duma unexpectedly was the editing which has crossed out all former arrangements is brought - position about exit sessions has disappeared in general, and instead of point on representation of the Constitutional court in Moscow which creation achieved KS with a view of preservation of interaction with bodies of the state power remaining in capital, there was a position about representation the device KS. After that the chairman of the Constitutional court Valery Zorkin has directed the reference to the president and both chambers of parliament in which the law passed in such kind named undermining independence and prestige of one of the higher constitutional bodies of the state power also has expressed hope that federation Council by law consideration will consider opinion of judges.

federation council should consider the law on moving KS at the last session on Wednesday, and on its Tuesday will consider profile committee on the constitutional legislation. Its head Yury Sharandin has declared that the variant of the law accepted by the State Duma causes many questions. As he said, in item 115 of the former law about KS the norm contained, resolving to court to hold exit sessions and though for 15 years of existence of court it was not applied never, and in this part the amendments approved by the State Duma really belittle rights KS. Doubtful the head of committee and position about creation in Moscow considers device KS representations as the reference to the court does not provide the oral form and for applicants will be not basic where to direct documents - to Moscow or St.-Petersburg. According to mister Sharandina, on Tuesday the committee intends to listen to begin with to opinion of judges KS (which, by the way, never invited in the State Duma by consideration of the given bill) and only after that the decision will be accepted to recommend the law to acceptance or a deviation. Thus Yury Sharandin has underlined that if the law all - taki will be accepted by federation Council in its present kind, the chamber will prepare the amendment returning to court the right to hold exit sessions. I there and then will write such amendment - he has assured.

authors of the bill are invited to committee session - the head of committee of state building of the State Duma Vladimir Pligin and its first deputy Alexander Moskalets (both " also; an United Russia ) . Mister Pligin has refused to make comments yesterday on the statement of speaker Mironov, having offered to begin with to wait chamber decisions .

Meanwhile, the source in presidential administration has informed that the final decision on this question is not accepted yet and in the Kremlin. The interlocutor recognised that last editing of the law, in particular, concerning device KS representations in Moscow, has been spent with some haste, and has not excluded that the law can be rejected Council of federation with creation of the conciliatory commission. This theme, according to the source, will be discussed at a meeting of the president with judges KS with the assistance of the speaker of Council of federation. In an environment of mister Mironov this information have confirmed, and in the Constitutional court yesterday have refused comments about it.