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At the Kazan distributor the Autovase have found monopoly signs

Tatarstansky terupravlenie Federal antimonopoly service (TTU FAS) has brought action in Open Society relation “ Autovases “ and its official distributor in Tatarstan of Open Company “ Caen - Autovases “ to signs of restriction of a competition in the regional market. antimonopolshchiki consider that Autovases spends the co-ordinated actions with “ Caen - Autovases “ which unreasonably refuses to execute contracts on shipment of cars LADA to dealers in Kazan. The assistant to the general director “ Caen - Autovases “ Sergey Chernov considers claims of TTU FAS not - proved. titel the head of TTU FAS Rinat Hajrullin has taken out definition about excitation of antimonopoly business น44 under references of two Kazan autodealers of Open Company “ Bulak a car + “ and Open Society “ Bulgar - Autovases “ entering into autoholding “ Tattransky “. According to applicants, the official distributor “ Caen - Autovases “ abuses the leading position in the market, refusing to ship cars LADA on the established quotas of the Volga car factory. As appears from the statement “ Bulak a car + “ in April of this year the company has concluded with AvtoVAZom the contract on delivery on a quota in 200 cars in the total cost of 55,5 million roubles. On request of a management the Autovase, dealers should renew monthly contracts with car factory. Despite their full advance payment, “ Caen - Autovases “ under which management there is a regional warehouse, refuses to ship cars “ Bulak a car + “ having redistributed their quota in favour of other dealers. Similarly “ Caen - Autovases “ has arrived and concerning Open Society “ Bulgar - Autovases “. Thus, since April of this year deliveries of cars LADA in one of the trading car centres largest in Kazan " have been paralysed; Sapsan “ belonging to holding “ Tattransky “. According to the general director “ Bulak a car + “ Vasilja Jagudina, is caused to the company a damage over $700 thousand Mister Jagudin considers that actions “ Caen - Autovases “ are directed on the further reduction of number of autodealers in Kazan, which quantity with arrival in March of this year “ Caen - Autovases “ has decreased twice - with 14 to 7. As has explained in the statement to TTU FAS “ Bulak a car + “ as a result of it “ Caen - Autovases “ takes away to itself 500 cars LADA from a monthly quota on the Kazan zone in 1300 cars. By an estimation “ Bulak a car + “ a share of sales “ Caen - Autovases “ in Kazan has made 38,5 %. Yesterday a deputy head of TTU FAS Rinat Hajrullin has informed „“ that its department qualified these actions as signs of infringement of articles 10, 11 federal laws “ About competition protection “. As appears from the text of definition of TTU FAS, Autovases conducts the co-ordinated actions with “ Caen - Autovases “ which can lead to section of the commodity market in territory of Tatarstan. According to antimonopoly body, competition restriction was expressed “ regarding unreasonable refusal or evasion of deliveries of cars of manufacture the Autovase to dealers according to confirmed Open Societies “Autovases“ quotas “. As has declared „“ Rinat Hajrullin, the distributor “ Caen - Autovases “ replaced this year two former distributors the Autovase in Tatarstan (Open Society “ Bulgar - Autovases “ on the central, Kazan zone and Open Society “ Nizhnekamsk - the Harmony “ On zakamskoj to a zone - „“), it has appeared in primary position in comparison with other participants of the automobile market of Tatarstan. Mister Hajrullin has refrained from the further comments prior to the beginning of trial of business which is appointed to December, 27th. In “ Caen - Autovases “ yesterday have confirmed „“ the fact of reception of definition of TTU FAS to signs of infringement of the antimonopoly law. “ we have directed to antimonopoly department the explanatories about an order of distribution and shipment of cars LADA to regional dealers who testify to absence from our party of abusings “ - the assistant to the general director " has declared „“; Caen - Autovases “ Sergey Chernov. Representatives of a management company of Open Company “ the Corporate centre of Open Society “ Autovases “ “ responsible for sale, from comments have refrained. The mobile phone a press - the secretary of the company Ivan Skrylnika did not answer. As mister Chernov has explained „“, the termination of shipment of cars LADA to holding structures “ Tattransky “ has local character and it is connected with infringement of corporate standards of functioning of car centres by them. “ in April we have found out that car centres “าเ๒๒๐เํ๑๊๎์เ“ in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Almetyevsk are not issued in the company property, and appear as objects of not complete building. We have warned the head of company Ildara Zinnurova about this infringement, and have been compelled to go to the extremities " later; - mister Chernov has noted. As he said, from - for various infringements by the special commission the Autovase dealer agreements with the companies " are cancelled; Karsar “ “ Azino “ “ Deburs “ “ Purpe - a car “ “ the Horn “. However, the agreement is restored by last for 6 months. Mister Chernov has evaded to name the reasons on which Autovases does not withdraw the dealer agreement with the companies “ Tattranskoma “. “ We will manage to prove justice of our actions “ - has concluded zamgendirektora “ Caen - Autovases “. However, from comments of mister Chernova there were not clear true motives, on which “ Caen - Autovases “ does not want to renew shipment of cars LADA “ Tattransky “. After all it is clear that absence of the rights of the proprietor - not an occasion for “ arm-twisting “. Interrogated „“ participants of the market of Kazan believe that “ Caen - Autovases “ tries to force out from the market of the player strong and independent of it. In reply to it “ Tattransky “ it is compelled to take the measures directed on protection of the business. „“ Will watch succession of events. Louise Ignatyev