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JUICE has shown the person

Yesterday in Samara agreement signing on realisation of the innovative educational project " has taken place; Worthy citizens of the great country between party an United Russia the regional government and GK JUICE . Action has caused a great interest of the journalists who have received unique possibility not only to see, but also for the first time to photograph avoiding occurrence on public head of JUICE of JurijaKachmazova. Yesterday Samara was visited by representative delegation of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation led by the secretary of presidium gensoveta an United Russia Vyacheslav Volodinym and the co-ordinator of Privolzhsky inter-regional coordination council of party Victor Grishin. They have arrived to sign with the regional government and GK JUICE the tripartite cooperation agreement within the limits of realisation of the innovative educational project of party Worthy citizens of the great country . The document provides modernisation at least 30 schools of region on means of federal and regional budgets with attraction of money of private investors, in particular GK JUICE . Agreement Period of validity - 5 years, in 2007 regional and federal budgets should allocate for its realisation on 150 million roubles, and JUICE - 30 million roubles.
in itself this action would not cause a great interest of journalists, if not one circumstance: from JUICE the chairman of board of directors of a group of companies Yury Kachmazov should sign the document. Its presence unknown interest to event spoke from mass-media. The matter is that this person is considered hardly probable not the most mysterious figure Samara business - elite: does not appear on public, does not give official comments and interview, moreover, at one time it even was forbidden for removing on those few actions where it all - taki happened. As a result in the regional glossy magazines publishing in the end of the year every possible ratings of popularity local VIP - persons, opposite to a surname of the businessman usually there was a black small square.
according to the action program to see Yury Kachmazova yesterday it was possible in two places: to school 86 and grammar schools 1. Precisely not to miss the imperceptible businessman, numerous journalists and, mainly, photographers were not too lazy to arrive to 9 o`clock in the morning to a grammar school though the main event - cooperation agreement signing - should occur at school. United Russia party members together with officials of the regional government should familiarise with the grammar school work, which sponsor some years is GK JUICE then to spend a round table concerning formation at school. On excursion in a grammar school Yury Kachmazov was not: probably, time and again in it happened. Representatives of mass-media have been disappointed. But not at once and not all: Someone has confused with the mysterious businessman of the deputy of the State Duma Leonid Simanovsky - too not the frequent visitor in region: its occurrence was accompanied by flashes of cameras. it! Remove! - one correspondent to another has told. Under the description the politician really something reminded mister Kachmazova: the unknown person of the wide public the brunette with a serious look and in a suit in a strip. Misunderstanding have quickly understood, what mister Simanovsky, seemingly, has not guessed at all.
expectations of journalists have justified in modest (in comparison with smartly issued and equipped grammar school) school 86. There, in assembly hall with the cracked paint on walls and smudges on a ceiling, journalists, at last, have seen Yury Kachmazova. It together with the speaker gubdumy and to secretaries regpolitsoveta an United Russia Victor Sazonov, misters of Volodinym, Grishin and Simanovsky modestly sat in presidium of meeting of officials of a various rank, deputies, directors of schools and rectors of high schools. To confuse the businessman with someone it was impossible: opposite to it there was a tablet with a surname. For two business hours of a round table the businessman, unlike verbose officials, has not said a sound.
now Yury Mihajlovicha`s photos (Kachmazova. - ) will be at everything, - with grief has told during session one of photographers to representative GK JUICE . - As he to itself(himself) has changed it, has seemed to photographers? . well now? Who else could this agreement to sign? - With a sigh the woman has told. - we thought how to arrive, that photos anywhere were not, but how it will make?
a few to keep an intrigue to Yury Kachmazovu all - taki it was possible: Unlike other participants of the meeting who have signed the cooperation agreement, it did not begin to communicate with journalists. While Victor Sazonov and Vyacheslav Volodin explained mass-media importance of the occurred event, it disappeared behind their backs, timidly smiling. It was noticed by mister Volodin: And you that, Yury Mihajlovich, avoid publicity? on what head of JUICE has shaken a head, has smiled and again has not told words.
Lilija Abdullina