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EU will rename the Power charter

Ministerial council of foreign affairs of EU today officially will open the auction for new power agreements of EU and Russia informally begun by heads of Germany and Russia by Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. EU is ready to tactical concessions of Russia, but intends to expand in the near future the so-called Contract on power community on the countries - tranzitery the Russian power resources. And the auction round the Power charter will be continued within the limits of new idea - the Power contract.
the ministerial council of foreign affairs of the European Union which will pass today in Bruxelles, will discuss a number what were the day before discussed at a meeting of president Putin and madam Merkel. However, the agenda of council is much wider: heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the EU countries will discuss for the first time a package of documents and initiatives in which frameworks in first half of 2007 Russia and EU intend to conclude the cooperation agreement in the field of power.

we Will remind, in the end of 2007 the general Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of EU and Russia, come into force in 1997, finishes action. The Eurocommission already declared that on change to the contract two will come new - EU and Russia power agreement will be the second. The main subject of the auction of EU and Russia - principles on which the power contract will be under construction: before EU insisted on that Russia ratified the Power charter or, at least, was obliged to follow its positions, Russia rejects a charter as unprofitable for itself.

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank - Walter Shtajnmajer on the eve of the summit Putin - Merkel on Friday has already declared that there are signs that Russia will consider offered EU of a guarantee of power safety, namely long-term guarantees of deliveries energy carriers from Russia in EU. EU intention to limit possibility of the conclusion of long-term contracts on delivery of gas to Europe have caused indignation in Gazprom : the vice-president of board Gazprom Alexander Medvedev on Friday even has promised to the European companies in the market of EU destiny of American company Enron.

While it is not known, on what concessions EU in the contract will go, most likely, references to the Power charter in projects of the Power contract of EU - Russia will disappear. But it does not mean warming in mutual relations of EU and Russia: on the contrary, in Bruxelles will discuss plans of integration into power strategy of EU not so much Russia, how many its countries - tranziterov.

First of all it is a question about appendix A to Power strategy of EU and expansion of the Contract on power community (DES). Now in DES enter the EU country and the Balkans, it is supposed to include in it Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey. As it is supposed, to the countries DES will suggest to sign the general Power contract - in it in 2007 - 2009 substantive provisions of the Power charter can be found out. EU intends to realise the same policy concerning Belarus, the North African and Near-Eastern countries.

though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia carries out consultations of EU concerning EU power agreement - Russia, in the government of Russia, apparently, are going to answer tactics environments of Russia the Power contract the plans of an environment of EU. So, visit of head Minpromenergo Victor Khristenko to Algeria to Friday has ended with the demonstrative statement for absence of necessity at the parties to create gas the OPEC . Obviously, just to remind Europe that gas the OPEC as alternative DES it is technically quite possible.