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the Dorogomilovsky Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow investigates circumstances of murder 16 - the summer native of Armenia Arthur Martirosjana. The body of the teenager with the knife wound in heart was revealed in the morning on January, 19th near to the house #45 on Kastanaevsky street. Field investigators find out crime details but while in Office of Public Prosecutor versions " tend; the household conflict “ not connected with ethnic animosity display. Criminal case is raised under article “ Murder “ (item 105 UK). Arthur Martirosjan has arrived to Moscow in 2003. The pupil 7 - go a class of the Moscow school lived with parents in demountable apartment in the street Gerasim Kurina. According to the documents which have been found out in the victim, it has been registered in settlement Tomilino of Moscow Region. On a scene on Friday the chief of Moscow criminal investigation department and the chief of department on disclosing of murders of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow left. As have informed in law enforcement bodies, from a scene the backpack with textbooks of the victim and other subjects, which " has been withdrawn; are investigated about fingerprints of the possible murderer “. Murder of the Armenian teenager not the first similar crime in Moscow: in April, 2006 at metro station “ Pushkin “ has been killed 17 - the summer student - first-year student Vigen Abramjants. And after half a year in Ivanteevka situated near Moscow killed 15 - summer Armenian schoolboy Nareka Kocharyan. These crimes have been opened. Members of neo-fascist groupings are accused of their fulfilment. VLADISLAV - TRIFONOV
Alexander Litvinenko`s Friend is afraid of returning to Russia
the Russian director - documentation officer Andrey Nekrasov who has finished one of these days to shoot in Great Britain a film about  destruction of the friend of political emigrant Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned in London radioactive polonium - 210, has declared in interview to newspaper The Times that is afraid to come back to Russia. As he said, this week through its native in Russia certain “ the old friend “ has passed on to its the warning, that it “ did not remove the Antirussian films “. “ I am afraid for the safety. I do not know, whether safely for me to come back home to St.-Petersburg “ - mister Nekrasov in interview to the London newspaper has told. Its film under the name “ My friend Sasha: very Russian murder “ it will be shown on channel BBC2. The film includes interview to the widow of the former officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko Marina, and also the information specifying that the Russian special services are ostensibly involved in attempt of murder of Boris Berezovsky. Andrey Nekrasov has taken part also in work on program release “ Panorama “ under the name “ How to poison the spy “ which will be shown on channel BBC1 tonight. ALENA - MIKLASHEVSKY

Has disappeared the candidate of parliament of Dagestan
In Dagestan investigate disappearance zamglavy administrations of Kizlyar area Magomeda Omarmagomedova. Last time colleagues saw it on a workplace past Wednesday. The militia was engaged in searches 45 - the summer official after it has not appeared on a workplace, - the alarm was hammered by its immediate superior the head of regional administration Nikolay Yeremeyev. Nearby 15. 00 on Thursday the message that the burnt official car of mister Omarmagomedova is found in a large forest the Square of the Kizlyar forest area has arrived. It has given to Office of Public Prosecutor the grounds to file criminal charges under item 105 UK (“ Murder “). In March in Dagestan will pass elections in national meeting (parliament). In the regional list of Union of Right Forces Magomed Omarmagomedov appears at the first number. JULIA - the BIG FISH, Makhachkala