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As it became known, today to collective of a national broadcasting company the Star which belongs to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, new general director Ilya Udachin will be presented. Mister Udachin started to work on television of Ekaterinburg, then worked on channel TNT and headed TV - 3. The former general director Stars Sergey Savushkin who headed the channel within two years from the moment of its creation, has written a resignation at own will. that stage to which me invited, has ended, - it has explained. - I have executed the duties assigned to me, and a new coil of development ` Stars ` will already go by other rules, and these new conditions any more absolutely suit me . By data, among new problems of TV channel not only political, but also commercial. In February opening of a new television centre is expected, will broadcast whence the Star And in the beginning of spring on competition the pool from several tens frequencies (informed on it on September, 29th, 2006) which should help to a broadcasting company to expand an announcement in country regions will be exposed.
Besides, under the data, an information policy of media group the Star Grigory Krichevsky earlier heading information services of NTV, TV - 6, TVS and TV channel " will be engaged now; Culture . Rukovodimaja the structure will work as it on TV channel, radio Star FM and the Internet - a portal and, probably, will receive the independent legal status. Misters of Udachina and Krichevsky has invited on the Star the new head of Uniform telebroadcasting system of armed forces of the Russian Federation (she owns NTK the Star ) Ruslan Sokolov who has headed it in the end of the last year. ARINA - Borodino

United Russia party members Situated near Moscow are ready pereutverdit the governor
an United Russia in case of a victory on elections in Moscow regional Duma which will pass on March, 11th, 2007, will offer the president a nominee of the operating governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromova for its statement on this post for new term. we cannot know, whether Boris Gromov ahead of schedule will put before the president the matter of confidence to itself, however, if it occurs, we will recommend to the president a nominee of Gromova for the statement for a post of the governor - has informed journalists on Saturday the first vitse - the speaker of regional Duma from an United Russia Vladimir Alekseev. At the same time it has reminded that powers of the governor which has been selected on this post in 2003, expire in March, 2009.

Meanwhile the Moscow regional election committee on Saturday has registered the list of candidates for Moscow regional Duma from an United Russia which Boris Gromov (elections will pass exclusively on partspiskam) then some of them had been handed over candidate certificates heads. In particular, the certificate was received by the repeated Olympic champion on skis Larissa Lazutina taking the third place in the list of United Russia party members. The chairman of regional election committee of Valentine Smirnova has noticed that an United Russia became the third party, whose list has been registered in the commission, - earlier this procedure have passed the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR. on turn registration of six more lists from parties of Union of Right Forces, ` the Apple `, ` Green `, ` Patriots of Russia `, People party and ` Fair Russia `. The definitive structure of parties which will take part in elections, becomes known on February, 3rd - madam Smirnova has informed. Interfax

the Samara electoral committee has finished documents acceptance
the Samara regional election committee on January, 18th has finished reception of statements from parties and the candidates, wished to take part in elections in a regional thought. By words the press - the secretary of regional election committee of Irina Abuzjarovoj, all documents was submitted by 10 parties and 181 candidate - odnomandatnik. Two parties - an United Russia and LDPR - are already officially registered, registration " expect; Fair Russia and SDPR. Besides, the electoral committee has assured Democratic party documents, Patriots of Russia Sotsial - democratic party, Union of Right Forces, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and parties Green . According to accepted in the autumn of 2006 to amendments to the law on elections in regional parliament, candidates from parties can be put forward both under the general lists, and under five lists broken on zones of region. Number of a regional thought is increased with 25 to 50 deputies. Interfax