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the Federal authorities in 2007 plan to pass the law giving possibility of transfer of aviation enterprises in the property of subjects of federation , Andrey Parshintsev has informed zamglavy Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation). With adoption of law there will be an additional variant on perfection of system of local aviatransportations - he has underlined. The Rosaviation till the end of the year will develop the federal target program on development of local aviation enterprises. by 2008 conditions for practical work " will be already created; - considers zamglavy Rosaviation. As he said, development of local aircraft demands joint efforts of administrations of regions and Rosaviation.
the State Duma has approved in the third reading the bill About features of management and the order property and actions of the organisations which are carrying out activity in the field of use of atomic energy . The head of subcommittee of atomic energy of committee of the State Duma of power, transport and communication Victor Opekunov has declared: Since February huge and deep work on the scale on formation of the large integrated corporation which will cover a full cycle of all manufactures of our power industrial complex " will begin;. 100 % of actions of this corporation will be in the state property. Any movement of actions can be made only on the basis of the law, - he has noted. - it is very rigid in the law requirements on safety are registered. All barriers which are necessary for protection of interests of the state and maintenance of safe functioning of nuclear branch, are provided by the law .

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the Government of the Russian Federation will prolong for one year - till 2008 - a mode of duty-free deliveries of the equipment for food and process industry, made abroad and not having analogues in Russia, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev at the international agroexhibition " has informed; Green week - 2007 in Berlin. it is normal practice of support of purchase of new technologies, the technological mode will be prolonged for a year - he has noted. At the same time A.Gordeyev has added: Now we put a problem not to come back to these duties in general .

Belarus has strengthened a mode of customs control behind the goods which follow on a route of the Kaliningrad transit, the head of department of the organisation of customs control of the State customs committee of Belarus Sergey Borisjuk has informed. As he said, mode strengthening is entered to stop attempts of illegal receipt in republic of the foreign goods under the pretext of the Russian. following the results of activity in 2005 - 2006 us it has been established that 47 consignment of goods about $10 million has not been taken out in the total cost for limits of Byelorussia. These are that consignment of goods which followed on the so-called simplified procedure of the Kaliningrad transit, - he has declared. - now the cargoes following from Kaliningrad on other part of territory of the Russian Federation which cannot authentically confirm the Russian origin, are located under the general procedure of transit .

At session of council of Federal chamber of lawyers (FPA) in St.-Petersburg the president of chamber had unanimously been selected for the second term Evgenie Semenjako . Today in legal profession 60 thousand the lawyers united in lawyer chambers of subjects of federation and FPA works almost. The uniform co-ordinating centre are FPA, its council and president FPA which selects chamber council (30 lawyers representing various lawyer formations from all country) from the structure.

as it became known, chief of the department FNS across St.-Petersburg Lyudmila Vorobeva can leave in the near future the post and hold a post of chief of the department FNS of Russia across Moscow Region. According to the source, this personnel shift is caused by growth of the importance of a post of head FNS the Russian Federation across St.-Petersburg after occurrence in a city of new large tax bearers and desire of Smolnogo to put on this post the person . Madam Vorobeva on Friday through the secretary has denied the information on fast moving to Moscow.