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In Petersburg has ended Sibneft

the Re-registration oil Gazprom (were Sibneft ) In St.-Petersburg in the beginning of 2006 has allowed the city budget instead of deficiency 6,2 mlrd rbl. to fix following the results of a year proficiency 31,8 mlrd rbl. and to increase city expenses on 50 % the second year successively. For continuation of growth of expenses the governor to Valentine Matvienko should search for someone else: without effect ` Sibneft ` in 2007 expenses and budget incomes will manage to be increased only on 7 - 8 %.
On Friday of the power of St.-Petersburg have published the data about city budget execution in 2006. Officials of Smolnogo have fixed growth of incomes to 215,2 mlrd rbl. at planned in the budget - 2006 179,9 mlrd rbl. Instead of planned deficiency of the city budget 6,2 mlrd rbl. year is closed with proficiency 31,8 mlrd rbl.

Vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Michael Oseevsky already named growth of indicators of city economy fantastic. The similar situation in 2005 was already observed in the city finance: Then instead of planned deficiency in the budget 7,5 mlrd the rbl. has been fixed proficiency 6 mlrd rbl. In 2006 rates of increase of expenses of the city budget remained at the same level - about 50 % a year, but in Smolnom do not hide that an event - effect ` Sibneft ` .

we Will remind, in May, 2006 Sibneft renamed in Gazprom oil it was re-registered from Omsk in St.-Petersburg and at once became the largest tax bearer of a city. The great bulk dopdohodov the budget of St.-Petersburg has arrived in it in the fourth quarter 2006. Exact figure of tax deductions oil Gazprom in the city budget of the company heads of the economic block of the government of St.-Petersburg do not name, suggesting to address for it in itself Gazprom oil . In December, 2006 Valentine Matvienko`s governor predicted receipts from oil Gazprom For the sum nearby 14 mlrd rbl. - in such volume the company did payments in the budget of the Omsk region.

without oil Gazprom successes of the government of St.-Petersburg are more modest. 7 mlrd rbl., according to Michael Oseevsky, the city has saved on expenses: so, St.-Petersburg put in the budget financing of some social privileges, without counting on their indemnification from the federal budget, but the Ministry of Finance nevertheless has listed it in the end of 2006. Still nearby 2,5 mlrd the rbl. were brought to a city by one more affiliated company Gazprom - SIBUR Holding - finished registration in St.-Petersburg in January, 2006. If to subtract payments oil Gazprom and SIBURa, real excess of the planned indicators under incomes has made nearby 14,5 mlrd rbl. against 13,5 mlrd rbl. in 2005.

nearby 6 mlrd rbl. in proficiency of the city budget - 2006 it is possible to charge to the rests since 2005. And at last, payments of oil industry workers in the city budget do not consider 6 mlrd rbl. which St.-Petersburg since 2007 will return oil Gazprom in the form of grants for building of office centre within ten years. It also was a condition of a re-registration of the company. We will note, the structures re-registered from other regions in St.-Petersburg last years (Vneshtorgbank, LUKOIL - Severo - Zapadnefteprodukt Transmineral oil affiliated structures Rosneft and Transneft Sovkomflot transaero ) Brought in the budget no more than 1 mlrd rbl. everyone.

thus, in 2007 Valentina Matvienko will not manage to continue sankt - the Petersburg economic miracle and to increase incomes and expenses of city budget on 50 % the third year successively. Without oil Gazprom and the unexpected help of the Ministry of Finance in 2006 growth of incomes would make not 53,4 %, and 37 % - actually rates of increase of incomes of St.-Petersburg have remained at level of 2005 and have fallen in comparison with 2004. From next year Smolnyj prepares for soft landing: by estimations of the mister Oseevsky, growth of city incomes since 2007 can make 7 - 8 % a year.

, St.-Petersburg