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the March not consent will go on sidewalk

Members Other Russia yesterday declared how will pass Saturday the March not consent . As the Moscow authorities and have not given the permission to procession, oppositionists have gone on cunning: they have obtained the permit to carrying out of meetings to the Triumphal and Theatrical areas. From a monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky some thousand oppositionists, whenever possible observing traffic regulations will move to a monument to Charles Marx. In their Tver street some thousand militiamen to which the order " is given will wait; rigidly to stop antisocial displays .
Yesterday at meeting of heads of oppositional association Other Russia it has been declared, in what form will pass forbidden by the Moscow authorities the March not consent planned for December, 16th. It was found out that Other Russia Movement " is authorised to hold a meeting on the Triumphal area, and; Labour Russia (enters in Other Russia ) Victor Anpilov was obtained by the permit to meeting to the Theatre square. On an idea of organizers, the action, as well as was planned, will begin at a monument to Mayakovsky, and then its participants will proceed on the Theatre square. we quite can, whenever possible observing traffic regulations, to move downwards on Tver, to join Victor Anpilov`s action, - the leader of Incorporated civil front Harry Kasparov has explained. - we have taken additional measures that, having kept a format, to avoid direct collision . We will go on sidewalk as group of citizens, having curtailed flags - has specified a press - the secretary Other Russia Natalia Morar.

we Will remind that in the March not consent The head of Incorporated civil front Harry Kasparov, the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Ryzhkov, the leader of not registered Natsional - Bolshevist party Edward Limonov, youth movements " intend to take part; Defense Change and Avant-guard of red youth (AKM). Organizers hope to collect to five thousand persons. Originally oppositionists planned to pass from the Triumphal area before Vasilevsky descent, but the mayoralty has forbidden procession, having suggested to gather on the Marsh area. However, in some days gathering on the Triumphal area has been resolved. Nevertheless members Other Russia have made the complaint in the Tver court of Moscow, having specified that under the law About meetings, meetings, processions and piketirovanijah the Moscow authorities have no right to change an action format, and can offer an alternative route only.

a part Other Russia levoradikaly are adjusted resolutely. we are ready to a march, - leader AKM Sergey Udaltsov has declared. - I intend to defend the constitutional laws . Mister Udaltsov is assured that, if enough of people gathers for the areas, it will be already impossible to exclude anything . the Moscow authorities will have a dilemma: to allow to carry out to citizens the rights or to arrange serious disorders - he considers. And the leader natsional - Bolsheviks Edward Limonov who has urged journalists to come on Mayakovsky`s Maidan also has at all warned about the future political slaughter .

the Authorities have already reacted to opposition statements. it resolves two meetings. Between them they can move somehow, - the head of department on work with bodies on safety of the Moscow government Nikolay Kulikov has assured. - But if they go a system and with posters, we will take corresponding measures, and they will be made answerable. Start up think, how want to pass . And the head of department of the information of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Victor Birjukov has informed that in these days off in a city eight will be on duty and a half thousand militiamen, which in case of need and within the limits of the current legislation will rigidly stop any antisocial displays .