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Advertising blocks have bred division

Though the advertising volume on the Russian TV in the second half of the year 2006 was reduced to a quarter, number of advertising blocks in a television prime - a time has increased. To such conclusion experts entering into a three of advertising holdings Starcom MediaVest Group largest in Russia have come, having analysed coming into force consequences in July, 2006 of the new law About advertising . To correct a situation it is possible, having cancelled restrictions of duration of the advertising block which should not exceed today four minutes, authors of the law consider.
to analyse, as TV channels have reacted to new requirements to advertising placing on air, experts entering in Starcom MediaVest Group consulting company Media Logics have compared the data of research company TNS Gallup Media on 13 national TV channels for July - November, 2006 with the similar period of 2005. Duration of the advertising blocks, the points of a rating typed by them (GRP have been analysed; the standard unit at television advertising sale, reflects number of the spectators, seen the concrete program), various formats of advertising messages (standard 30 - a second roller, a TV shop, sponsor`s prompt), an advertising parity in a prime - a time and other hours. Thus, speaking about reduction of volumes of advertising, experts Media Logics compared these volumes in GRP that is more correct, than comparison of volumes in minutes as the same roller at various times types days a different rating.

experts Media Logics have come to a conclusion that TV channels partly managed to minimise the losses. On the average following the results of first five months of action of the law quantity GRP on TV in the most demanded advertisers has decreased hours only on 11 % whereas during other time, so-called off - a prime, losses have made already 15 %. The greatest rupture between advertising reduction in a prime - and off - a prime was shown by channels TNT (- 6 % against - 43 %) and STS (- 15 % against - 31 %). It is caused by high ratings of television networks in a prime - a time and competent redistribution of advertising blocks on an announcement grid in advantage prajma, the leading analyst of consulting company Media Logics Alexander Mihajlov explains.

Nevertheless as a result of coming into force of the new law About advertising all national channels have suffered, Alexander Mihajlov ascertains. Quantity GRP typed by federal advertising blocks has decreased for five months on the average on 12,3 %. The channel " has most suffered; Muses - TV whose offer was reduced to 36 %, it is most less - the channel Russia which has lost only 1 %.

New edition of the law About advertising has come into force in July, 2006. It, in particular, has reduced admissible volume of advertising to TV from 20 % from a daily announcement of the channel to 15 %. Now at an o`clock on advertising it is taken away no more than 12 minutes. Also four-minute restriction on duration of the advertising block has been entered. After acceptance of the new law sellers of television advertising in the spring of 2006 have reconsidered annual contracts earlier concluded with advertisers, and following the results of a year mediinfljatsija on TV has exceeded 40 %.

the share of such advertising format, as a TV shop has sharply decreased for the accounting period. The quantity typed by it GRP was reduced to 73 %. For comparison: the most demanded advertisers 30 - second rollers have lost only 11 %. TV shops already throughout several years reduce the presence at an aether. The law ` About advertising ` only has accelerated this process - the director for marketing researches of the analytical centre " marks; Video of Interneshnl Sergey Veselov. On this background on 49 % demand for sponsor`s prompts has increased. they go separately from all advertising block, they garantirovanno see the spectator, therefore more and more advertisers address to sponsorship - the media director of agency MediaFirst Yury Malinin reminds.

the four-minute restriction which has Appeared in the law on duration of the advertising block has led to that its average duration was reduced to 20 %, till 2 minutes of 43 seconds. But the quantity of advertising inserts has grown on air on the average on 2 %. Thus on the channel TV - the Center the number of advertising blocks has increased by 67 %, on DTV - Viasat - on 32 %, on Russia and TNT - on 17 %. It has allowed channels to minimise the losses as they have kept number of bonus positions of placing of a roller (the first or last in the block) on which additional margins operate.

Reduction of duration of advertising blocks even against increase in frequency of their display has led to that spectators began terpimee to concern advertising. Experts Media Logics have analysed a parity of ratings of TV programs and advertising blocks placed in them in an evening prime - a time. The above this indicator expressed in percentage, the less spectators switch channels during commercial breaks. For July - November, 2006 loyalty to television advertising has grown in comparison with the similar period of 2005 with 72,8 to 74,2 %. the Gain insignificant, but it is distinctly observed every month, therefore, in our opinion, it is a real tendency - Alexander Mihajlov explains.

Commercial breaks on TV became more, one of authors of new edition of the law " agrees; About advertising the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Medinsky: to Limit duration of the advertising block four minutes was an error. Quite enough hourly restriction. Channels then can solve as it is frequent and on how many minutes with it to interrupt the programs . He counts that in this case duration of advertising blocks will increase, and frequency will decrease. The deputy assures that has already prepared the bill cancelling obligatory four-minute duration of the advertising block: After consultations of other members of parliament the amendment will be brought in the State Duma in this spring session - the mister Medical Insky speaks.