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Quota context on meat will go from a hammer

last week board of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation has considered an analytical note About efficiency of regulation of the agrofood market by quantitative restriction of import of the foodstuffs (kvotirovanija) . One of key positions of this document - a question on return of auction sale of quotas on meat import. This week the corresponding offer will be directed to chambers of Federal meeting, and also in Ministry of economic development and trade. Experts name it result of lobbist efforts of large importers which as a result of cancellation of auctions for last year have lost a part of the share on beef import. Practice of auction sale of a part of meat quotas on pork and beef import operated since 2003 and has been cancelled by the governmental order since 2006. On the auctions it was exposed 10 - 15 % from total amount of quotas on import of these kinds of meat, the others were distributed between importers by a so-called historical principle: the size of a quota of the separate company - the importer the next year is proportional to import volume last year. Now quotas are distributed exclusively on to a historical principle .