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The military judge accuse of swindle

the Moscow garrison military court past Friday has prolonged till March, 11th holding in custody term to the former vice-president Severo - the Caucasian military court to Vladimir Bukreevu accused of swindle. Mister Bukreeva have arrested in Moscow on November, 21st the past year. the higher qualifying board of judges has agreed to arrest of judge Bukreeva. Earlier the sanction on arrest the judicial board of the Supreme court (VS) has given the Russian Federation - has informed a source in law enforcement bodies. As Elena Orljankina has declared the lawyer accused, the decision on election of a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment has been taken out VS the Russian Federation still on July, 11th, 2006. Criminal case concerning Vladimir Bukreeva is raised under item 159 UK ( Swindle ) In November, 2005. Under the version of the investigation, Bukreev holding at that time a post of vice-president Severo - the Caucasian district military court, has received through the intermediary (it military public prosecutor SKVO Sharif Ahmedov has acted) a bribe at a rate of $40 thousand Office of Public Prosecutor asserts that for this money judge Bukreev should uphold the sentence not connected with imprisonment concerning the former chief of food service SKVO. At the moment of reception of money the sentence has already entered validity, that is there was no necessity for any assistance from judge Bukreeva. Its actions have been qualified as swindle.