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The candidate from a plough

to stand on April presidential elections of France has declared Yesterday Jose Bove the intention - one of the most known leaders world antiglobalizma. Prospects of a victory of mister Bove are rather doubtful, however its promotion for certain will affect an outcome of presidential race. From - for it the candidate from Segolene Royal`s French socialists can not be counted voices of the left electorate. And it raises chances of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikola Sarkozy.
I will officially declare promotion of the nominee on February, 1st, at me all is already ready, and I begin election campaign - has declared yesterday Jose Bove. I will act from the left flank, I will criticise all these bothered liberals, - the known antiglobalist told to journalists. - here I will be put forward, in March we will collect congress of my supporters and we will look, whether it was possible to us to clear weights - has finished the a press - conference the future candidate.

53 - summer Jose Bove - the person not simply left, but ultraleft views, and some Frenchmen name it last great syndicalist . It the beginner in the politician, however his name is known far outside of France. The matter is that Jose Bove - one of the most popular leaders world antiglobalizma. He was born in Bordeaux in a family of scientists, a childhood part has spent to the USA as parents have called to teach in Berkeley. Memorable for levakov the whole world 1968 15 - summer Bove has noted on - to the: him have expelled from Jesuit college for attempts to educate the schoolmates, what blessing bears marihuana smoking for mankind. At university to Jose Bove`s outlook proof pacifism was added. As a result, when it have tried to call up for military service, he has simply run away.

in 1976 Jose Bove has begun the subversive activities - it has organised peasants of a place of Larzak and has grasped a part of the earths belonging to the military man. On these grounds peasants were going to plant sheep and to make cheese the Roquefort cheese . Then young levak for the first time has got into prison - it was caught by military men and for three weeks have put behind bars. Leaving on freedom, Jose Bove was engaged in country work. However to reorganise a society it did not leave idea, and in 1987 has based the radical Country union, and then has entered and the anarchist organisation. For years of life in village mister Bove became convinced green and the great friend of society Greenpeace. He protested against nuclear tests in Pacific ocean and struggled against the modified grain.

the turning point in antiglobalistskoj to career of Zhozefa Bove became restaurant McDonald pulling down ` s in a place Lovely in 1999. At the head of group of the supporters mister Bove has completely disassembled in broad daylight restaurant from - that in it meat " was on sale harmful to the nature and the person;. For it it has got into prison and left only in 2002 - m. However by that moment Jose Bove`s chubby moustached person became known all over the world.

then mister Bove headed all large actions against the WTO, met Yasser Arafat - in general, advertised itself under the full program. Leading left mass-media of France published multipage interviews to it the most original thinker of our epoch . And here now Jose Bove intends to move in a policy.

certainly, its chances of success estimate the majority of experts rather sceptically. However in its promotion the dirty trick is concealed. If mister Bove it will be valid to stand on April presidential elections of France, it will be supported for certain by some part of the left electorate. It will be serious blow on positions of the uniform candidate from Segolene Royal`s French socialists which even members of the same party accuse of insufficient leftism. From - for Jose Bove`s interventions after the first round of elections it can seriously concede to the candidate from right - the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikola Sarkozy. And though in the second round charming sotsialistka for certain will make the way, the moustached antiglobalist will be a serious headache for all its election campaign.