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The Russian Open Society VSM there was a shade

Yesterday a Russian Open Society management High-speed highways (the Russian Open Society VSM ) On the first for last five years a press - conference has informed journalists that all this time, appears, continued work over tehniko - an economic justification (FEASIBILITY REPORT) of building of a high-speed highway between Moscow and Petersburg. According to representatives of the Russian Open Society, their experience can be used the Ministry of transport which has decided to reanimate recently the project. However, neither in Ministry of Transport, nor in Smolnom do not burn with the desire to co-operate with VSM.
Russian Open Society High-speed highways it has been created in 1991 for building of the high-speed railway from Petersburg to Moscow. 87,38 % of actions of the Russian Open Society belong the Ministries of Property. The project assumed creation of tracks, transportno - a commercial complex (TKTS) at the Moscow station and high-speed (dispersed to 350 km/) trains the Falcon . As a result the foundation ditch for TKTS has been dug only. In 2000 shareholders of the Russian Open Society have decided to refuse the project; Foundation ditch have transferred in the federal property, and then have sold the companies Veda on account of payment 1 mlrd roubles of debts of the Russian Open Society before the British banks.
With Russian Open Society debts VSM the city authorities which in due time have acted as guarantors under credits of the western banks, have understood only this year. The debt as a result has extinguished the federal budget, having compensated this sum at the expense of sale of a foundation ditch at the Moscow station. The Russian Open Society throughout last five years in any way did not show itself. Many considered that after failure with building of a highway the company in general liquidated. However the message that the minister of transport Igor Levitin wants to reanimate the project of high-speed railway communication between capitals (wrote about it), has unexpectedly restored the company to life.
yesterday the general director of the Russian Open Society Vladimir Tulaev has declared to journalists that all these years the company corrected the project FEASIBILITY REPORT . Moreover, according to heads of the Russian Open Society, more than a year ago it has directed the offer to Ministry of Transport to renew idea realisation. Thus key parametres of the project recognised in 2000 unprofitable, have not changed at all. In the Russian Open Society assume that the distance between two capitals in 650 km can be overcome for 2,5 hours for the speed in 350 km/ ch. Cost of tickets, in the present prices, should make $40 - 80. Daily from stations will go 12 - 26 steams of trains. The project on which realisation will leave 5 - 6 years, can pay off for 12 - 20 years.
However, as investors not the British banks, and Spanish now act, - to allocate for building of a highway 1,3 mlrd euro mister Levitin declared intention of Spain two weeks ago. Representatives VSM confirm, what exactly they have found the Spanish investors. Not clearly, however, why the company was silent till now how there is a repayment of its debts - it appears, at the moment the Russian Open Society remains owes to the Ministry of Finance of $33 million which is going to extinguish the actives. It was thus found out that the FEASIBILITY REPORT just and is that active for which account of the Russian Open Society will pay off debts.
the source close to a management of Ministry of Transport, could not explain yesterday developed with VSM a situation. probably, they with someone also have agreed in the ministry, time so confidently acts, but, in general, I considered that this company is not present for a long time already - the interlocutor has told. Do not burn with the desire to co-operate with the Russian Open Society VSM and in Smolnom. Twice into one water do not enter. The Russian Open Society ` VSM ` discredited itself following the results of the previous activity and actually is the bankrupt - has declared vitse - the governor of Petersburg Michael Oseevsky.