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The podzvezdnyj world

intense aspects Prevail, but the big harm from them will not be. The moon enters disharmonious relations with Merkuriem in the afternoon and more with what does not co-operate, and the adverse aspect with Plutonom already is on Saturday morning formed. Therefore businessmen, businessmen should be ready to solve arising problems. It is not necessary to begin important issues. The market situation difficult enough to guess movements of exchange rates and actions it will be difficult, they can be not subject to logic.
difficult aspects among themselves form some more planets. In this connection difficulties can arise at official registration of papers, at carrying out building - installation works, and also on trips on various types of transport.

the creative aspect of Venus with the Neptune can become a light ray. Be not afraid to dream, trust intuitions. Direct habitual ways not always the best. Favorable day for employment in sphere of art, an aesthetics. As also the Moon in a lyrical and thin sign on Fishes. Therefore do not allow people and circumstances of too prizemljat.

In private life day can appear more pleasant, than in social sphere and in business. Will pay attention to the hobbies.

incidents in separate points of globe are possible. It can be actual for the south of Russia and the countries of the Near East.

in an organism feet, endokrinnaja and immune systems are vulnerable. The risk of infections and prostudnyh diseases is raised.

Arieses should be ready to dirty tricks, traps, activization of secret enemies. Be not overstrained, will pay attention to health.

Tauruses should be careful in study questions, in a science and trips. But in art the success is probable.

at Twins complexities in daily mutual relations are possible. Try not to argue with the heads and representatives of the power.

Cancers will not become successful in commerce. Delays on trips are possible. Be careful of various criminals at night.

lions can face problems at official registration of papers, including the financial. Be more careful and in sexual sphere.

maidens should be attentive at signing of contracts. Occurrence of the problems demanding the permission in a judicial order is possible.

scales will become successful in art, an aesthetics and the employment connected with water. But there can be complexities in study, scientific work.

scorpions will spend day quite well. There will be time for sports, entertainments and love.

Sagittariuses cannot count on the big success in love or in domesticities. Do not spend many money.

Capricorns can influence the high-ranking people. But watch, that not to become a victim of intrigues.

Aquarius should be accurater with money. But if in material sphere day difficult, in creative - quite successful and interesting.

fishes can unexpectedly meet love. There are chances to improve financial position.

Saturday, on December, 18th
Is usual day when it is possible to be engaged in the affairs according to plan. The moon forms two harmonious and two strained aspects.

there can be the employment connected with handwork, repair of various technics, building. In the middle of day it is possible to legalise papers, address in official establishments. For important issues and new undertakings the most suitable time - from 12 o`clock till 17 o`clock Moscow time. In these hours when the Moon favorably co-operates with Mars and Saturn, there will come harmony between the strong-willed, emotional and logic beginning, that is it is possible to combine successfully vigorous actions, dialogue and following to rules. The strong structure steady for a long time as a result will turn out. It is possible to sign contracts, to create the organisations, to begin business - projects. The middle of day approaches for trips.

a market situation the most part of the working day the stable. Only in the morning political factors can make negative impact.

as a whole incidents are improbable. Only in the morning under the influence of Plutona separate hooligan displays or emergencies at the enterprises, and also collisions in some regions of the world are possible.

in home life in the morning and in the evening small disharmony is possible. Be more attentive to older persons and do not press on children.

for health day as a whole the normal. At some people can be shown endokrinnye infringements. Feet are vulnerable.

Arieses will become successful in the employment connected with emotional dialogue and creativity, and also in domesticities. In the middle of day it is possible to perform financial operations.

Tauruses will get new friends, and with the old can begin the serious project. Convenient day for signing of agreements and for trips.

twins will become successful in career. By means of vigorous actions it is possible to improve a situation with work and health, to achieve financial stability.

cancers are waited by success in sports and handwork. It is possible to be engaged in documents, legal issues. And here crowds are better for avoiding.

lions can successfully be engaged financial and domesticities. However, the small household conflict in the evening is possible.

Maidens have possibility to enter into the long-term favourable agreement. Successful day for trips. Will bring success collective actions.

scales can improve a state of health, and also solve a number of problems in labour collective. It is possible to address and to the heads.

scorpions should show will and energy. Successful day for distant travel and preparation of documents for this purpose.

Sagittariuses can undertake secret actions, the activity now is better not to advertise. Favorable day for domesticities.

at Capricorns successful day for command work, and also for business and playing sports. It is possible to sign contracts.

Aquarius can improve the financial position. Favorable day for rallying of labour collective. You can come nearer to the purposes.

fishes will receive pleasant emotions. Achievements in sport are possible. Favorable day for distant travel and preparation for them.