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Official opinion

Yesterday the president of Turkmenia Saparmurat Niyazov has declared that parliamentary elections which will pass in republic next Sunday, will correspond to all democratic standards. I am assured that our active workers will do the utmost to be assured that elections are spent according to the best model of representative democracy - he has declared. These words have been said by the president at congress of its party which is called as Democratic and thus is unique party in Turkmenia. According to the Central Electoral Commission, 135 persons apply for 50 places in republic parliament. Under Turkmen laws the parliament has no powers. Since 2003 it has no right to make change in constitution, and almost all its functions are transferred duplicating body - to national meeting (halk maslahaty) which is not selected, and is appointed personally the president. turkmenbashi has considered excessive to invite in the country to forthcoming elections of foreign observers.

Michael Saakashvili has begun search of the future enemy of Georgia
Yesterday the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, representing the new Minister of Defence of the country Valery Okruashvili, has declared, its main problem - creation of the harmonous and efficient Georgian army corresponding to standards of the NATO . Besides, the Georgian leader has noticed that Georgia meanwhile does not have enemies, but in the near future they can appear. Rhetorically developing the thought, president Saakashvili has explained, how it is possible to guess, who will be the enemy of Georgia, - for this purpose he has advised to public to watch TV in the evenings. Besides, according to the president, mister Okruashvili remains the head of the Minister of Defence before restoration of territorial unity of the country . Meanwhile, as though answering Michael Saakashvili`s attack, the candidate for presidents of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh has declared yesterday that in republic plans the next hundred years joining to Georgia does not appear.

Jimmy Carter will observe of elections in Palestin
Yesterday eks - US president Jimmy Carter declared the decision to head mission of observers on presidential elections of Palestinian autonomy. The noncommercial centre carrying his name delegates on elections which are planned for January, 9th, 2005, about 80 representatives. In total elections of head PNA will be watched more than 600 foreign observers, including by delegations from the European Union and Russia.

Carter`s based by him and his wife in 1982 the centre, observes of elections more than in 50 countries of the world. During the previous elections in Palestin in 1996 delegates of the Center of Carter also were in number of observers. Then Yasser Arafat and its colleagues have told to me that when in PNA there will be following elections, they want to see representatives of my centre among observers - has declared yesterday Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile eks - the US president has already supported one of participants of forthcoming elections. Yesterday it has expressed hope that Mahmud Abbas can justify trust of the people and does not become a puppet neither in hands of Americans, nor in hands of Israelis, and uses the influence to promote peaceful settlement of the Near-Eastern conflict.