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VVB SB   the Russian Federation   will sell currency differentsirovanno
Volgo - the Vjatsky bank of the Savings Bank of Russia has started to establish the differentiated courses for purchase and   sales of cash US dollars and   euro, and   also for carrying out of non-cash conversion operations on   to accounts of physical persons in   to foreign currency. Various courses are established now for following ranges of the sums: to   2000   US dollars/ euro, from above 2000   to   7000 and   from above 7000 and   above. As have noted in   the press - bank service, it considerably raises a transparency of a course policy of Volgo - Vjatsky bank of the Savings Bank of Russia.

M - 101 Expedition will show in   Siberia
Today in   Krasnoyarsk the M plane - 101 Expedition manufactures of the Nizhniy Novgorod aircraft factory « will be presented; the Falcon » entering in   a group of companies « Kaskol ». The presentation will take place in   frameworks Siberian aviation - space salon « the SAXOPHONE - 2004 » and   the plane will execute some demonstration flights. On   to words of the president of group « Kaskol » Victor Grigoriev, participation in   an air show and   demonstration of the plane of M - 101   and #151; a part of the general concept on   to advancement of the plane of M - 101 on   the market of regional transportations. It   has noticed that results of tests in   conditions of the lowest temperatures testify about   expediency of use of the plane in   Siberia and   on   the Far East.

Business in   the relation « Oka - the Physician » Have transferred
Yesterday the Nizhniy Novgorod management of Federal antimonopoly service has transferred on   22   December 2004   year a legal investigation in   the relation navashinskogo Open Company « Oka - the Physician » which is suspected in   illegal use of intellectual property. Business is transferred on   to the petition of the respondent, which representatives not   could be on   session. Management has brought action on   to Open Society complaint « Doschatinsky factory of the medical equipment ». The enterprise has declared about   volume that Open Company « Oka - the Physician » lets out and   realises sterilising boxes with   the filter which design is patented 6   February 2004   year Doschatinsky factory. The expert judgement which has been taken out by management of intellectual property, and   estimations Trading - industrial chamber (TPP) the Nizhniy Novgorod region have confirmed that « Oka - the Physician » uses all basic signs of the patent on   useful model that the damage causes to factory.
« NTA - Privolzhe »

the People will be on friendly terms in   the special house
Yesterday in   Nizhni Novgorod has passed district meeting « Dialogue of the power and   national - cultural public organisations as the factor of development of tolerance of a society ». Participants have discussed problems of dialogue of the power and   national - cultural associations with   the purpose « to avoid tragedies and #132; the North - Osta and #147; and   Beslan » and   have come to   to a common opinion about   volume that « it is necessary to create in   a society tolerance ». For this purpose in   Nizhni Novgorod it is planned to create the House of friendship of the people. In   it representations of the people living on   will take place; Territories of the Nizhniy Novgorod region, and   also those who has with   region various contacts.