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To Kaliningrad cannot pick up a zone

On the past yesterday in the State Duma parliamentary hearings of Ministry of economic development and trade has presented the next variant of the bill About a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region . Though in Herman Gref`s department promise to present to the government definitive edition of the project in January, to wait for its fast approval it is not necessary. The Ministry of Finance on - former is assured that the bill will not solve problems of the Kaliningrad region, and only will create conditions for leaving from payment of taxes.
the law in force About a special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region has been accepted in 1996. Special successes with its help the area has not achieved - flow of foreign investments or creation of hi-tech manufactures and does not happen. The essence of the Kaliningrad special zone was reduced to one: Using clearing of the customs duties and the import VAT, local businessmen actively import production from the countries of Europe and after conditional completion (assemblage, sklejka, packing) sell it in territory of other Russia. As a result, though in the all-Russian economy the share of region does not exceed 0,4 %, every third TV made in the country, the vacuum cleaner or bank of fish canned food are made in Kaliningrad. As governor of the region Vladimir Egors has informed at yesterday`s parliamentary hearings, the volume of export of production on territory of other Russia this year will reach $2 mlrd, having increased in comparison with previous year by 70 %.

However a special Kaliningrad zone created at all for otvertochnoj assemblages and consequently in the government, and first of all to Ministry of economic development and trade, which year write a new variant of the law which should replace the operating. Fresh variant Vitaly Savelyev yesterday has brought to the Duma zamglavy Ministry of economic development and trade. However even to present to its deputies was not in time, as has dashed away back in Ministry of economic development and trade for discussion of the project of the intermediate term program socially - economic development of Russia (the material see this page). Details to deputies were told by the Assistant Secretary ekonomrazvitija and trade Vitaly Shipov. Sense of offered changes the following: released from the customs duties otvertochnye collectors can work in a former mode next ten years. New participants of a zone will receive not so customs, and tax privileges - tax exemption on profit and on property.

representative MERTa admitted that the project is not ready to entering into the government yet. The Ministry of Finance opposes introductions of new tax privileges, the management of the Kaliningrad region does not like idea of creation of parallel authority in region - external administration of a zone in the name of territorial body of federal executive power. Nevertheless Vitaly Shipov has promised to deputies to co-ordinate the document with interested parties and to bring it in the government in January of the next year.

than such confidence is supported, remains not clearly. The representing Ministry of Finance the head of department tax also it is customs - the tariff policy Michael Motorin has declared that at the bill is not present how many - nibud the intelligible concept, not clearly, (attraction of investors, creation of the manufactures focused on export, alignment of conditions of economic activities in areas and the Russian Federation) it pursues what purposes and how many for it it is necessary to pay to the federal budget. Offered privileges have conditional character, stimulate nothing and only create conditions for evasion from payment of taxes - the representative of the Ministry of Finance has declared. He considers that Ministry of economic development and trade before a document writing followed be defined with a direction of a development of the region. The head of committee of the State Duma presiding over hearings of economic policy Valery Draganov could not hide the indignation. well so formulate already at last the purposes - he has called representatives of the government. As he said, deputies are ready to help with it to officials - in the State Duma three alternative variants of the bill of a special Kaliningrad zone are already prepared.