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Tonirovannye glasses have given out a gang

Management on gangsterism of Mosgorprokuratury has finished a legal investigation of a gang of the former captain of the Main intelligence service (GRU) George Nadzhafova`s Joint Staff, consisting of four persons. All of them are accused of gangsterism, murders and the armed robberies. Among their victims - the general director the Coal company on coal and coke processing the head of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia and others.
as appears from business materials, the former captain GRU 45 - summer George Nadzhafov has been detained in the beginning of 2002. Then the officer of intelligence service has got on drug traffic. To court it have placed in a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s silence where he also has got acquainted with the director of Open Company the Coal company on coal and coke processing the Lion Liberman. That was under examination for swindle. When military scout Nadzhafov has learnt that mister Liberman is the large businessman has suggested it to create at the Coal company own security service which officer GRU could head. The lion Liberman has refused the offer, and it strongly was not pleasant to captain Nadzhafovu.

in the end of 2002 captain GRU under obscure circumstances managed to run away from Sailor`s silence . It having appeared on freedom, George Nadzhafov has decided to hammer together a gang and through the acquaintances left on the native of Baku, nowadays the citizen of Israel 46 - summer Vadim Kashubu and 29 - the summer native of the Georgian city of Darbazi of Ilgama Ahmedova. Those already were known racketeers in capital. In 2001, having armed with pistols, they have driven on the owner of firm Galaev (was engaged in manufacturing and deliveries of threads) Michael Galaeva. Racketeers of Kashuba and Ahmeds have trapped the businessman near garage - cockleshells in the street Radiatorsky, have put to it to a temple a pistol, have taken away flat keys and have stolen therefrom 2 million rbl. A bit later to a gang has adjoined arrived to Moscow on earnings from Ukraine 23 - summer Vitaly Silchenko.

By means of the accomplices the former officer GRU hoped to take under guardianship the Coal company Liberman`s Lion. As appears from business materials, on November, 17th, 2003 Nadzhafov has sent Kashubu, Ahmedova and Silchenko armed with pistols, to located around metro station Dobryninsky to Open Company office the Coal company . podelniki should intimidate the businessman, and then George Nadzhafov would suggest mister Liberman to settle a situation, becoming it a roof . However to realise conceived to gangsters it was not possible. Mister Liberman not only has shown to criminals resistance, but even could select a pistol at one of them. Then Vadim Kashuba has shot it.

after that gangsters some time sat out on demountable apartment in Birjuleve, developing the plan of the next attack. This time they have decided to attack Harisa Nezametdinova, the owner of restaurant in boarding house situated near Moscow Are sticky in which Vitaly Silchenko earlier worked. In the end of November, 2003 gangsters have gone to the house in Rocket parkway where there lived mister Nezametdinov. The door it was opened by the owner who has learnt in one of robbers of the acquaintance on boarding house. Having rushed into apartment, criminals have shot mister Nezametdinova and its acquaintance Andrey Terpichnogo who has appeared at that time in apartment. The consequence and has not established, how many all money and values has been stolen by them.

Still after a while Vitaly Silchenko has learnt that its fellow countrymen - Ukrainians do repair in Alexander Mozhaev`s apartment, the chief of the department of the Central industrial district of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia. According to fellow countrymen of mister Silchenko, at the official was it is a lot of money . But at first gangsters have attacked apartment of his son living in Reutov situated near Moscow. Under the pretext of employees ZHEKa which is carrying out check of re-planning of apartment, gangsters have entered into apartment 19 - summer Alexey Mozhaev. Threatening the young man with three trunks, criminals have taken away from that keys from the Moscow apartment of the father. Then they have forced Mozhaev - younger to call the father and to tell, that that has raised money for its repayment. When the chief of Gosgortekhnadzor has arrived to itself home on street Alymova, robbers Nadzhafov and Kashuba already were there. And gangsters had also Alexander Mozhaev Denis`s second son. With words take everything, only do not touch the son Mozhaev - the senior has given to gangsters in cash 220 thousand rbl., and also gold and jewels on 500 thousand rbl.

In December, 2003 gangsters have again solved to visit the owner nitochnoj Michael Galaeva`s firms. However tonirovannaja the nine on which they have approached on its house in the street Radiatorsky, has drawn attention of the dress from OVD Vojkovsky . At examination at Vadim Kashuby have found Korovin`s pistol, it podelniki Ahmeds and Nadzhafov had time to throw out the fire-arms under the car. While militiamen detained these three, Vitaly Silchenko has disappeared. It have caught only on November, 14th this year. mosgorprokuratura has brought to all four accusations in murder, gangsterism, robberies and illegal storage of the weapon. Investigation of this business is already finished, and court over gangsters, predictably, will begin spring of 2005.