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Oppositions have shown the way to Strasbourg

Exactly month it was necessary for the Supreme court to consider the claim of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Apple and members Committee - 2008 about cancellation of results of elections in the State Duma. Yesterday VS has refused incorporated opposition on all to five points of the requirements shown by them. Representatives of claimants have declared that after the decision appeal in cassation instance will continue suit in the European court under human rights.
the claim was signed by parties the Apple and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as legal bodies, and also seven citizens - the deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Ryzhkov, the party leader Our choice Irina Khakamada, the vice-president the Apple Sergey Ivanenko, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vadim Solovev, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Moscow news Evgenie Kiselyov, the president of fund Indem George Satarov and the editor-in-chief the New newspaper Dmitry Murat. They demanded to recognise as void results of last year`s elections in the State Duma on obshchefederalnomu to district and to cancel reports and decisions of the Central Electoral Commission regarding distribution of deputy mandates. For this purpose applicants have counted as the basis mass infringements during election campaign.

last session of process cardinally differed from the previous. In a spacious hall was not to force the way from television cameras and press photographers. However, there was almost nothing to remove: Grigory Javlinsky, Irina Khakamada and Evgenie Kiselyov have acted the day before when in a hall there was no chamber. Yesterday judge Vladimir Zajtsev has pledged a word for a remark only to representatives of the Central Electoral Commission.

- no infringement of legal foundations in the Russian Federation is present, while at the head there is a law and only the law, - Irina Grishin has declared.

- that unites in the course of irreconcilable antagonists whom applicants are? - Member TSIKa Sergey Bolshakov has read on a piece of paper. Is the union of politicians which have not received on elections of result and cannot adequately accept defeat. But the court can separate grains from plevel.

In five minutes the judge has left for decision removal. And representatives of claimants were indignant splanirovannostju actions.

- knew that on decision removal all TV channels will come, therefore last day have allowed to act only to the Central Electoral Commission, - Irina Khakamada and Evgenie Kiselyov Vadim Prokhorov`s representative was indignant. - even a remark PR managers have written Bolshakovu!

mister Bolshakov explained in the meantime to the press that all proofs of applicants, including 302 videocassettes with records of the information and analytical programs shown during elections, to any infringements do not testify:

- Multikilometer so-called transkripty and cartridges testify only that mass-media during elections worked in a usual mode and about what it is more!

Words of member TSIKa have caused a smile in mister Prokhorov:
- When daughters of the president have a rest on a country house of defendant Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi, premieres - the minister of Italy. - ) then we a part of Europe and when we refer to opinion of the international observers, say us that they Russia not the decree!

it is equal in an hour judge Zajtsev declared that to applicants it is refused satisfaction all of them requirements.

- and how private definitions? - The representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vadim Solovev has asked it, meaning the request of claimants stated the day before to take out private definitions to the president, heads TSIKa and TV channels about infringement of the elective legislation by them.

- Vadim Georgievich, - has instructively told hastening to disappear in a consultative room the judge, - it is necessary to make a motivation part, and you here with definition!.

- Other we did not expect, the miracle has not occurred, - has complained Dmitry Muratova Elena Lukjanova`s lawyer. - Equalities of the parties on process were not, the big victory already that we in general have drawn attention to infringements!

- the vicious circle has become isolated, - the lawyer " ascertained; the Apple Vladimir Suvorov. - a conclusion one: in Russia both was not, and there is no judicial authority which could stop an arbitrariness of the power executive.

- from forty witnesses declared by us any has not been subpoenaed, - a companion of Nightingales has added. - from 302 cartridges the court has studied only one...

- actually to us have refused judicial protection, - mister Prokhorov has picked up.
however, even prior to the beginning of process claimants did not doubt its outcome and explained that the Russian judicial instances it should be passed to have possibility to submit the claim in the European court under human rights. Yesterday representatives of claimants have confirmed determination To reach Strasbourg . Chairman TSIKa Alexander Veshnjakov, in turn, has expressed satisfaction a judgement, having declared that the openness and publicity of litigation has allowed to give answers to all questions at elections in the State Duma of the fourth convocation which were at applicants of the claim .

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