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Conscience amputation

Dated in America to a Halloween a film the Saw (Saw) at us it is supplied by a subtitle the Game of survival also it is a little beaten out against other film repertoire which has already accepted kind Prechristmas character. Chamber, the film about two men chained by chains on corners of the thrown public lavatory is more exact toilet, LYDIA - MASLOV has looked.
the standard project of large Hollywood studio usually represents so senseless expenditure of spare cash that, dealing such malozatratnym and is prompt (for 18 days) the removed film, as the Saw automatically you try to praise authors for skill and kreativnost - especially if they yet the debutants not corrupted with space fees. Founders Saws Two young Australians, long could not attach the scenario on large studio, have then shot one scene on DVD and have tempted with it producers - those have carefully given a little bit money, having offered one, to James Vonu to become the director, and to another, Whether Vannellu to play one of leading roles.

the script writer has normally coped with an actor`s problem, which was reduced basically having as much as possible pity appearance. To its cellmate, in the world to the surgeon - to the oncologist (Keri Elvs), it is taken away four hours on killing the partner, differently will be lost not only he, but also his wife with a daughter, taken in hostages. This short resume of the ultimatum, which essence to heroes is possible gradually, by means of smartly thought up by someone invisible helps, in particular a dictophone gripped at an ownerless corpse, easy stretched in a blood pool in the composition centre. Almost as Alisa in the Country of the miracles, finding out that a pie with an inscription Eat me a small bottle with a label Bitterns sortirnye prisoners find in pockets of the cartridge with an inscription Insert me and keys which too sooner or later it is necessary where - nibud to insert. Are deprived accompanying instructions only two saws - nozhovki, laid up in a classical hiding place of the Soviet alcoholics - a drain tank: first men fondly think what to saw it here there is nothing, except the chains, however for metal cutting nozhovki hlipkovaty, and necessarily it is necessary to be engaged in cutting out on more pliable materials.

organised all is the maniac observing of victims through the chamber established behind a mirror, not simply plays and scoffs, staging bloody a reality - show, and brings up the captives. It reminds them as it is easy to lose human shape for fear of death and as road actually life which they have got used to perceive as something self-evident. And that the amateur teacher goes too far in sense izuverstva, so it for their advantage and for the sake of absolute clarity of a lesson: even more than the destiny of protagonists, impresses history with previous experimental the psychopath on which display the basic narration for a short while distracts. In this episode the victim finds out not fetters standing, and the special steel device latched on a head which will tear to it a mouth if she does not have time to extract a key from the lock from a stomach of the dead partner in game literally. The sadistic surprise consists that he not absolutely dead, and under local anaesthesia, therefore not without interest can observe how the mad woman roots out its interiors without everyones koljushche - cutting tools, practically teeth and claws.

to a saw you will not refuse a known ingenuity and razvlekatelnosti, under condition of, however, corresponding spirit: This film not that that absolutely silly, but calculated on physiological, reflex perception with the minimum inclusion of consciousness. And if nevertheless to include it originality of an event not the screen ceases to see under magnifying glass of benevolent bias: all it already repeatedly was, and not vpervoj serial murderers appear the most basic fighters for moral health of fellow citizens which is so started that demands operative intervention.