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Psychologists have exorcised gangsters

Lasting 19 hours operation on clearing of hostages from grasped on a line the Marathon - Athenes of the bus on the night of Thursday has come to the end without victims. Given in to arrangements skilled peregovorshchikov gangsters have left the bus with the lifted hands. As well as it was supposed, they have appeared Albanians. The right party Laos has already called the government for deportation of illegal immigrants. The minister of a public order of Greece Georgios Vulgarakis has already assured that on similar measures of the power will not go.
yesterday on a press - conferences mister Vulgarakis has told that to a successful outcome of operation promoted composure, coordination, resoluteness and professional qualities of the Greek police . But it is necessary to note and speed of reaction of the driver of the grasped bus. When in salon the first shots were distributed, it has stopped the car, has opened a door and has jumped out on road together with the ignition key. The bus has stiffened on the brink of Marathon highway. It has struck the first blow to plans of gangsters.

have tried peregovorshchiki further: the five psychologists who were trained in the USA on the eve of the summer Olympic Games, throughout 19 hours, replacing each other, talked to gangsters. As a result hostages were released one after another though any of conditions put forward by terrorists - to give 1 million and to provide journey to nearby airport Elefteros Venizelos - has not been executed.

fortunately, grasped the bus were not professional terrorists. Therefore, probably, also have got on elementary dodge peregovorshchikov: the authorities are ready to pay demanded 1 million, but all banks are closed, therefore it is necessary to wait till eight mornings. But in 0. 40 local time to wait to gangsters has bothered, and they have decided to surrender. Having opened a bus door, they have thrown out at first a sac in which ostensibly there was a dynamite (explosives at gangsters it has not appeared), then the weapon, have released last six hostages and, at last, left the bus with the lifted hands.

as well as the police assumed, criminals have appeared citizens of Albania. They are called by Murat Leonar and Resul Gazi. Both all for 24 years. They were late native land police for various offences, but in Greece live and work legally throughout 12 years, and problems with the Greek police at them were not till now.

that gangsters neopytny, the police has understood at once as soon as those have declared that are going to fly to Russia where at the permission of similar crises nobody will be charged for life of hostages, not to mention terrorists. Yesterday on a press - conferences the representative of police has explained that, according to preliminary data, money was the main motive of actions of criminals. Under the first data of interrogations, they were going to receive money and to disappear in Albania - the policeman has told, having added that requirements to deliver them in the airport were necessary only for this purpose, to stir up water .

According to the Greek mass-media, so peace end of operation - an unconditional victory of special services. Even the oppositional press recognises that the huge sums have been spent for the Preolympic preparation of system of safety knowingly. If to judge on mood of information telecasts, Greece was captured by joyful euphoria. Separate critical voices are However, distributed also. Representatives of populist right party Laos (having the evrodeputa, but Greece not presented in parliament), having congratulated police with successful operation, have urged the government to spend immediately deportation of all immigrants illegally living in the country. After all it any more the first case when the bus in Greece is grasped by Albanians. In one of such incidents at clearing the hostage was lost.

however hardly the government after the so successfully come to the end operation will go on any radical measures. After all it would be necessary to send, under the different data, from several hundreds thousand to a half-million of illegal immigrants. The most part from which, by the way, is made by citizens of Albania. Yesterday on a press - conferences the minister of a public order of Greece Georgios Vulgarakis has declared: I would like to underline especially that that fact that criminals have appeared immigrants, should not affect our relation to immigrants .

, Athenes; ANDREY - IVANOV