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Passengers have risen in price together with cargo

Yesterday Federal Agency of tariffs has confirmed Open Society demand the Russian railways (Russian Railway) about growth in 2005 of cost of an internal cargo transportation, export through ports of Russia and passenger tickets in reserved seat and general cars on 12,5 %. Clients of the Russian Railway count up the future multi-billion losses. However railwaymen assure that cost of transported cargoes grows much faster, than tariffs for their transportation, - as a result the transport component in the price of the goods will increase all by 1,2 % and will be it is less, than in 2003.
we will remind that Russian Railway Open Society has asked Federal Agency of tariffs (FST) proindeksirovat freight rates next year differentsirovanno - to raise rates of section 2 of the price-list 10 - 01 (internal transportations and export through the Russian ports) on 12,5 % at preservation of tariffs of section 3 (other export transportations) at level of 2004 (in detail told about it on December, 3rd and 15). Besides, the company wanted to increase by 8,5 % of the rate for using cars and containers and gathering for the additional operations connected with transportation of cargoes; on 12,5 % - tariffs for transportations spetsgruzov and the rate of the uniform military tariff for transportation of ammunition; proindeksirovat tariffs for transportations of coals of Ekibastuzsky pool (are now transported under exclusive tariffs) and to increase not less than by 15 % exclusive tariffs for export transportations of coals through overland frontier transitions.

yesterday board FST has approved the offer of Open Society of the Russian Railway on indexation of tariffs of section 2 on 12,5 %, and also increase in the prices at transportation of military cargoes. Tariffs for transportation of coals and coke have grown on 12,5 - 15 %, but oil to the Far East will carry now on 10 - 30 % more cheaply the price-list 10 - 01. The threefold raising factor to quotations on transportation of cargoes on Sakhalin is excellent, and tariffs for transportation of fish will be in addition lowered. The rise in prices for passenger transportations in reserved seat and general cars in 2005 will make also on the average 12 %. Russian Railway Open Society will continue to use flexible tariff regulation in coming year. Will cost most cheaply tickets on 1 - on January, 14th, 1 - on May, 9th and on December, 31st, trips 26 - on April, 30th, 22 - on December, 30th and from July, 10th till August, 31st become the most expensive to passengers.

consignors have already started to count up the future losses - only the Russian ports predict losses of billions roubles. this decision is accepted without a sufficient economic justification and the opinion account portovikov, - the director of the Moscow representation of Association of seaports of Russia Alexander Shimansky has indignantly declared. - It runs counter to a state policy on development of ports . The Commercial director of Open Society Severstal Igor Nechaev adds that the rise in prices will strike on big exporters, first of all to metallurgists, and taking into account increase of charter rates indexation of tariffs will lead to increase in the prices at metal products.

however of the Russian Railway assure that growth of tariffs will not be reflected almost in final cost of the transported goods. the transport component grows in the price of cargoes much more slowly, than the price, - the head of the Center of firm transport service of Russian Railway Salman Babayev has explained. - in 2005 she will grow all on 1,2 % and will be more low, than in 2003 .