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Bobbi Fisher the country of geysers

On Wednesday will warm the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland officially declared that gives the citizenship to the legendary chess player Bobbi Fisher at the moment in prison in Japan and expecting the decision of a question on deportation in the USA. In America 11 - go the world champion accuse of infringement of the law and threaten with ten years of prison.
the arrested person on July, 13th this year at the Tokyo airport Narita with the void American passport the great chess player Bobbi Fisher later accused of infringement of laws of the USA (it is a question of infringement of embargo concerning the former Yugoslavia where in 1992 the grand master has led a commercial match against Boris Spassky), being in prison, some times asked to give it a political asylum. As probable candidates to receive a legend of chess, the different countries - Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, Germany were called. As a result of all Iceland has outstripped.

in general - that, here anything surprising is not present. Chess - one of the most popular sports in Iceland. In Reykjavic, country capital, Bobbi Fisher in 1972 has won a match against Boris Spassky and became the world champion (for a remake this duel he, actually, now also suffers). A little known local grand masters and chess federation of Iceland have created recently committee RJF (the name consists of first three letters of names - Robert James - and surnames 11 - go the chess king) which lobbied idea about granting to it refuges. On December, 13th the committee has organised performance of mister Fisher on the Icelandic television. In it the grand master also has stated the request for granting to it of residence permit in northern country. And after two days the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland David Oddsson officially declared that the decision on residence permit granting in Iceland to Bobbi Fisher is accepted.

the Lawyer of chess player Masako of Suzuki has told that it is magnificent news also has informed that in the near future will meet the client to discuss a question on its moving to Iceland. However, to get over there in the near future to it it will be heavy enough. Bobbi Fisher does not have passport, and at first it should obtain the permit to a departure from Tokyo without documents. The representative of immigration service of Japan Soichiro Okabe has declared that basically it is possible, but has reminded that Japan has already agreed to deport mister Fisher in the USA. That has submitted the claim on the Japanese government, demanding to cancel deportation and while it will not be considered, the chess player on has the rights to leave Tokyo. If he refuses claims, the American law enforcement bodies can demand its immediate delivery. So in this case all depends on a position of the USA - that is from, whether they will want to finish the begun process or all - taki will leave 64 - summer eks - the world champion in rest.