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Home return is not present

the Father nine-year If Dvorjaninova writes to the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromovu: ... Intensive treatment comes to an end, it is possible to go home . At If lejkoz. It seems, passes. On Kolin a cot in hospital turn from children sick lejkozom. It is necessary to go really home, from the house sometimes to come to hospital to be treated it is out-patient. It is necessary to go to the pure and warm house because as early as two years any infection and any cold can kill the boy. But the house is not present.
They refugees from Uzbekistan. Alexander Dvorjaninov writes to governor Gromovu that in Tashkent to it in streets shouted: Russian, ezzhaj the Russia . He has obtained the Russian citizenship in embassy and has gone home. Has lodged at relatives in Reutov, began to search for work. He thought that young and strong that will earn, will be arranged and will transport a family. So approximately also it turned out. In some months Alexander has written out wife Lydia that too it was arranged from Tashkent and searched for work, because they young and strong. Kohl remained while in Tashkent with the grandmother.

it was very similar that all will turn out. There was a February 2004 - go, a pay day. Alexander has brought home any quite distinct money to the Tashkent measures, but from Tashkent the grandmother in the evening has called and has told that the boy was ill that at it high temperature that tests have made.

we sit with mother Koli Dvorjaninova Lydia in a corridor onkogematologicheskogo branches of the Russian children`s clinical hospital, and Lydia tells. We sit in a corridor because the doctor asked me not to come for a long time in Kolin chamber: despite a dressing gown, a mask and bahily, god knows, what I can bring to the boy viruses.

- then the grandmother has called next day, - Lydia speaks, - and she cried in a tube. She has told: Arrive, lejkoz .

Distinct to the Tashkent measures of the salary of Alexander has not sufficed even on the ticket to Tashkent and back. Collected on friends. Lydia has arrived to Tashkent, has gone to hospital where hospitalised the son, and she speaks:

- Toilets in Moscow are purer, than this hospital.
but at once to fly to Moscow it was impossible. The boy would not sustain flight. Four days to it pricked antibiotics and transfused blood. For the fourth day the temperature has decreased, it could even go, Lydia took tickets aboard the plane, but this day there were in Tashkent explosions. They went to the airport when have blocked roads and have cancelled all departures. They went on foot three kilometres to the airport, and in some hours when the airport has opened, the boy could lie only already. In the plane it lay at mother in a lap.

in Moscow Alexander and Lydia have brought to Kohl in hospital without preliminary coordination and directions. The doctor speaks: To us seldom bring children samotekom as in fracture clinic, but Kohl has got to us samotekom. We took it under emergency indications. We only for three days can take under emergency indications .

For three days Alexander has made any papers on the son, truth, the doctor says that some more months of necessary documents all the same lacked. But to Kohl treated. He would die without treatment. 85 % of a marrow have been amazed by cancer cages if I correctly understand special explanations of mum and the doctor.

itself Kohl sits on a bed, having lowered feet, into a vein on a clavicle at it it is entered kateter, from - under vests the transparent tube reaches for a dropper. Ridiculous such also hesitates to smile, because from chemotherapy teeth has turned yellow. Also speaks:

- the Puncture to do painfully and terribly, but mum gives me chocolates for each puncture. And the father comes to learn to play me chess. And mum is not able in chess.

Alexander Dvorjaninov really comes in the evenings after work and learns the son to play chess. After chess Alexander again goes for work because he has no place to spend the night more. The Tashkent apartment is sold, and money is spent for treatment If. The doctor says that free, but except medicines still it is a lot of medicine on what money and while the child sick of a cancer will start to recover, parents it are necessary, as a rule, sell everything that have. The doctor speaks:

- 70 % of survival rate at children at lejkozah turn out only because there is a technology of treatment. We cannot hold more than the child in hospital. But also to release it live in a shed any too we can not. It now clings on itself(himself) any infections, and many simple infections are fatal to it.

in the letter to governor Gromovu Alexander Dvorjaninov asks small apartment anywhere in Moscow suburbs that it was possible to reach to hospital. They as early as need to continue two years treatment, if without complications.

Lydia Dvorjaninova in a corridor onkogematologicheskogo tells branches to me that here except treatment lejkoza to the boy it was operated still by defect of a lung to which did not pay attention in Tashkent. Still she tells that has not died nearly sorts and cannot have more than children. She as though searches additional arguments for me or for governor Gromova that we have wanted to rescue its boy.

but we after all and so we want to rescue its boy. Is not present?