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The east - business dark

in Bruxelles has opened Last night the two-day summit of the European union. Contrary to the developed impression, leaders of the EU countries do not go in cycles only in a problem of the introduction into the organisation of Turkey. At them enough other problems for discussion - from prolonged political crisis in Ukraine to too strong euro menacing to development of economy of the European Union.
however, a Turkish theme at the present summit all - taki prevails. The day before to Bruxelles the prime minister of Turkey Redzhep Tajip Erdogan has arrived at the last minute once again to talk to leaders of some European Union countries. In particular, some hours prior to the summit it has serially met the chairman of a forum the prime minister of the Netherlands Janom Peterom Balkenende, and also heads of the governments of Greece, Italy, Belgium and Great Britain Kostasom Karamanlisom, Silvio Berlusconi, Guy Verhofshtadtom and Tony Blair. in general, they (interlocutors. - ) with understanding have concerned the most sensitive questions for us. However it is impossible to tell that all problems have been solved - mister Erdogan after conversations with the European colleagues has declared.

however, that the basic decision on the beginning of negotiations with Turkey about its introduction into EU is accepted, it became known in advance. The main opponent of Turkish presence at the European Union - the president of France Jacque Chirac - has declared that it will not oppose the beginning of negotiations with Ankara. Has However, noticed that this procedure can occupy 10, 15 or 20 years . Nevertheless even in this situation external decencies will be observed: Turkey does not receive refusal of Europeans which underline that for Ankara even it is a great advance.

there are less than efforts from participants of the summit the question on destiny of Bulgaria and Romania, also submitted demands for the introduction into the European Union will demand. In spite of the fact that their economy is weaker Turkish, Sofia and Bucharest as experts predict, in 2007 can communicate with other members of EU as equals. It is expected, what exactly to this term negotiations with the European Union, formal " will come to the end; kind on which should give the present summit.

but before participants of a forum in Bruxelles stand and more challenges. The special attention is supposed to give situations in Ukraine. 25 leaders of the EU countries can familiarise with a situation on the eastern frontiers first-hand. For this purpose the leader of the Ukrainian opposition, the candidate has specially gone to Bruxelles in presidents Victor Yushchenko. The Old World is afraid that if crisis will accept long character the economic and social situation in Ukraine will worsen only and hundred thousand refugees will rush in search of a better lot on the West. Repeated elections in Ukraine will take place on December, 26th, but the European Union, seemingly, has already made the choice, having supported the candidate from the Ukrainian opposition. It, by the way, has led to appreciable cooling of relations between EU and Russia that also becomes indispensable a point of issue in Bruxelles.

other problems carry more likely economic, rather than political character. In particular, EU should develop the general strategy in connection with proceeding falling of dollar and, accordingly, an increase in the exchange-value of the euro. This tendency proceeds more year and has led to sharp decrease in competitiveness of the European goods in the world markets.

Besides, the May introduction into EU ten new members from the Eastern Europe also has created at once an array of problems, demanding the decision. So, for example, many companies have rushed to translate the capacities on territory of the countries - beginners where the labour is much cheaper. In this connection in old members of the organisation there was a labour redundancy. Ways to settle this problem while nobody has offered - though on the eve of the summit all its participants have come to a conclusion what to tighten with it it is impossible more.