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To the good dancer the tail disturbs

In GTSKZ Russia has passed performance of Ballet of a flamenco Evy Erbabueny organised by producer firm the Postmodern - theatre . Having looked at Evu Erbabuenu, TATYANA - KUZNETSOVA has understood that strongly was mistaken about a flamenco, but has not wished to leave the errors.
madam Erbabuena is known as the proof keeper of national traditions - unlike an idol of crowd of Hoakina Cortes, she does not try potrafit to pop tastes, crossing noble a flamenco to the newest receptions of a platform. Its performance Eva it is considered original travel on the most known styles of a flamenco also has collected in Moscow passionately enamoured in any ispanshchinu almost a packed house.

it is necessary to recognise, madam Erbabuena is rather consecutive in observance of cleanliness of a genre - on a scene nothing distracts from dance. Light - twilight or darkness with a projector beam. The live orchestra (two guitars, three kantaora, the drummer and the flutist) is modestly pressed to a back. Madam Erbabuena does not afford luxury: any open backs, magnificently submitted bust, bright dresses in peas, shawls with brushes - a word, anything incendiary. The closed black toilet with long sleeves and a knitted scarf could carry severe Bernard Alba from Garcia Lorca`s play, and the lilac construction with a collar shalkoj would approach any to the wife of the grocer .

Yes that there the clothes, appearance of the dancer too is far from souvenir canons. Madam Erbabuena - the woman, frankly speaking, low, with a roundish tummy, the heavy person and such short chubby handles that when it with inspiration twists them around a head, apparently, that the dancer tenderly scratches that, severely tears up own ears. The actress does not love statuarnyh poses, fairly believing that with a figure public not to tempt. Though also the most ancient erotic pases of a flamenco (like deliberately raskorjachennyh feet or causing rocking of hips in low plie) in its execution look almost parodijno. And absolutely game with a loop of a traditional dress looked strange. It is considered to be that manipulations with this tail - koloj should be imperceptible to an eye; he, as a live being, is obliged to be dragged independently for the dancer, to be twisted round it, itself zaskakivat on a back and in hands. Madam Erbabuena did not consider it necessary to hide mutual enmity - it fiercely kicked disobedient a tail skrjuchennoj a foot, kicks exhausting it on a proper place. That to its qualities sapateado (every possible percussions) to judge them it is difficult, for clapping kantaory regularly muffled knock of heels. Probably, in it the sound technician is guilty, but on small quietest fraction in the middle solea accompaniment has abated - similar, the fraction and was the highlight of the program.

Solo dances of madam Erbabueny alternated the mass. It has picked up troupe to herself well matched: two girls, one high and anaemic, another small and combative, at all desire could not eclipse the tonic. From three dancers heart beat caused only senior - unrestrained sapateado and article of poses. To name all it travel on styles language does not turn: ancient segirijja, in effect, differed from rather young tangos a little - left, have knocked together, have knocked by turns, have left. Into contacts to ladies of the man do not enter: initial the flamenco rejects pair dance. It appears, all passions - mordasti with which in the ballets dead Antonio Gades, from the crafty captivated.

Eva Erbabuena very respectable woman - not in sense of age, and in sense of merits. To it repeatedly appropriated a rank the dancer of year and its company named the best troupe . To it the National award of dance was awarded, and the Spanish critics have awarded a special award for skill. Also what, really to go in cycles in forms of the dancer? Happened, the Spanish aunties and ran larger sizes to us. However portly Maria Rossa or the withering Christina Ojos so told fortunes the dance that at zombirovannogo the spectator does not remain neither forces, nor desire to resist to this great shamankam. I respect opinion of the Spanish experts, but for the love of own memoirs is not ready to consider that dance of Evy Erbabueny - and is the higher achievement of a flamenco.