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Letters are not necessary any more

About ten years` to Nastju Savelyev, the girl who saw how have killed her mother and as has burnt down its house, we wrote one year ago. At it still was lejkoz, marrow transplantation was necessary to it, it was very full from hormones, absolutely bald from chemotherapy, she had no place to live, if survives, and at it was nobody, except the grandmother, which has stopped to drink to look after the grand daughter but so suffered from abstinentsii that could not distinguish crude meat from the boiled.
one year ago Tanja has come across on the Internet the message that Naste Savelevoj have raised money for marrow transplantation. Has clicked with a mouse, has read my note about that Nastja will die if not to make to it transplantation, and has then read the report that money is collected also by Nastja prepares for operation. Any sense to call in gematologicheskoe branch RDKB was not, but Tanja has all the same called and has asked the doctor, than still it is possible to help the Ice crust Savelevoj. The doctor has told that money it is not necessary any more, Nastju prepare for transplantation, the girl sits in sterile boxing one, to it anybody cannot enter into boxing, but it is possible to talk to it through glass.

- Perhaps, you will come to talk to it? To it it is lonely and terrible.
at Tani the two daughters: the oldest daughter - the teenager, too Nastja, and two-year Dasha. Still Tanja works in accounting company of the husband, that is at it not especially - that was time to go on hospitals and to stir with unfamiliar girls even if those sit in sterile boxing even if it it is lonely and terrible. But Tanja has gone why - that.

By then doctors had to refuse services by Nastinoj of the grandmother who was caused to be in the grand daughter the nurse and even has stopped to drink for this purpose, but, probably so badly felt from - for absence of alcohol that could not remember in any way that to the girl with the killed marrow, locked in sterile boxing, it is mortally dangerous to eat crude sausages and in general it is mortally dangerous to eat something not welded in a pressure cooker. There came still any distant Nastiny relatives, wanted to adopt the girl if will survive, but they thought that the girl give together with apartment, and, having learnt that the girl give without apartment, have left.

two months Tanja talked to Nastej through glass and has presented to it through glass Barbie`s present (sterilised) doll. We sit now in Taninoj to kitchen, and Nastja especially underlines that it is the present Barbie. Nastja became twice more harmonous since I saw it one year ago, at Nasti otrosli beautiful black hair, and she calls Tanju mum. She says that then in boxing it very much would like, that Tanja has adopted her. And then, when doctors have allowed to leave the Ice crust boxing and Nastja for the first time has embraced Tanju and began to walk with it, having put on a respirator, on a hospital corridor, it wanted to it to become Taninoj a daughter even more. And what you thought? Children after marrow transplantation long still walk in a respirator. Because it any microbe is deadly.

and Tanja too wanted to adopt Nastju. And tannin the oldest daughter too already went to small the Ice crust to hospital and dreamt, that Nastja became its little sister.

- I only was afraid that the husband will not resolve, - tells Tanja. - I all time drag in the house any living creatures, dogs of wounded men, cats, and he at me the Armenian and considers that animals in the house it is dirty. I have dragged once labradora, and he has told: Choose - or I, or a dog .

to Talk to Taninym the husband the mother-in-law, Tannin mother undertook. Tanja it is purposely cunning from the house, has called home, mother has removed a receiver and has put on a table that Tanja could hear by phone that the husband will tell. Senior Tannin the daughter too listened from the next room, it seems. And small Nastja in hospital wrote to Tana the letter that asks to take it in a daughter, but will understand and will not take offence, it is impossible if to take.

- I need to talk to you, - mum to the son-in-law when that has come home has told Tannin.

- I Listen to you, - it did not have time, it gathered in business trip.
- you know, here there is this girl Nastja in hospital... At it absolutely anybody is not present... Well, this girl who is visited by my daughter...

and suddenly he has told:
- That at us, soup plates will not be? Well, if at the girl anybody is not present, it is necessary to take it, certainly. Strange you, Russian as - that concern children, you throw them.

after these words of Tanja has gone to the Ice crust to chamber and has told that its beret in a daughter. I sit now at them on kitchen and I ask the girl:

- And where the letter? Where the letter in which you asked Tanju to adopt you.
- I have torn it, - tells Nastja. - I could not jump on a bed because bones after transplantation very fragile, but I jumped and tore the letter. Because it was not necessary.