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Oleg Majzenberg has raised a hand against Rakhmaninov

In the Big hall of conservatory the third concert of a cycle " has taken place; Sergey Rakhmaninov. All piano concerts. Sources and environment started by conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev and the Big symphonic orchestra (BSO). Pianist Oleg Majzenberg has this time executed Rakhmaninov`s the most popular composition - the Second concert. In a hall sobbed the BARBARIAN - turova.
In two previous concerts rahmaninovskogo subscription BSO Oleg Majzenberg has played the First concert and the Rhapsody on Paganini`s theme (see from October, 7th). It seems, everything, than it was possible to admire, it is already experienced, changed the mind and retold. The biography of the pianist is known: the graduate of the Gnesinsky institute, more than twenty years lives in Austria and goes with tours worldwide. After accident to which Oleg Majzenberg has got in 1997, after set of operations on the right hand, concerts of one left the pianist has almost restored a hand and already some times came to Moscow with solo concerts.

someone has counted up that Sergey Rakhmaninov`s Second concert - the second for popularity (after Tchaikovsky First piano concert) classical music in the world. Romantic melodies of a concert strongly associate at many with the well-known slogan Let the whole world will wait and at all with shrill love for the country and Rakhmaninov`s painful emigration. For a season this concert of hundred times is played by tens pianists. Public goes willingly: the Second concert as poorly what music, it is convenient for the listener. In the first part it is possible to worry enough, sympathise with throwings of the romantic hero. It is possible to take rest and be dissolved in beauty and lyricism of the second part. And at last, to be filled with force, optimistic pathos of the ending. In general, continuous pleasure, instead of music.

at Oleg Majzenberga`s concert all has appeared much more difficult. It was found out what to listen to the pianist - a difficult task. Like all same pleasures that always: both romanticism, and tragedy, and lyrics, and even sentimentality at times. Not to mention marvellous, attentive and tactful accompaniment BSO. But in treatment of the pianist all the small, seeming insignificant to a concert detail have appeared earlier so cleared of stamps and stereotypes that the concert has begun to sound, as soon as that the written. No, the maestro did not try to be original, did not resort to any strange dynamics or unusual rates. But and akkompanementy Oleg Majzenberg played traditional, habitual themes, melodies, motives so sincerely that to a throat the clod rose. In its version Rakhmaninov`s Second concert sounded not simply dramaticheski vitally. It seemed to the most intolerable, the most painful, but at the same time the finest and attractive music from all.

if I was familiar with Oleg Majzenbergom, I would ask it questions on which he, apparently, knows the answer. What should be possessed humility that with such advantage to realise and accept own weakness? However, the answer at this concert arises by itself. What, eventually, a difference what is created with passages and scales? If to you is what to tell, absolutely not important, how it to do.