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vitse - the mayor of Batumi nedorasplatilsja

Yesterday it became known that the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Western district of Moscow has filed criminal charges upon abduction were vitse - the mayor of Batumi, eks - the head of the Batumi seaport of Dzhambul to Ninidze. Its acquaintances suspect that special services of Georgia could be involved in abduction. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia say that to were vitse - to the mayor of claims have no.
mister Ninidze entered into the nearest environment of former head Adzharii Aslan Abashidze. After discharge of a clan of Abashidze from the power and departure of head of an autonomy to Moscow Dzhambul Ninidze has not had time to leave Adzhariju and the damage to the budget of Georgia at a rate of 130 thousand chests (about $65 thousand) has been arrested adzharskoj by Office of Public Prosecutor on charge in excess of the office powers, caused . Further claims of the new authorities to mister Ninidze have increased to 3 million chests (about $1,5 million). In spite of the fact that the Batumi city court has sentenced Dzhambul Ninidze to three months of imprisonment before trail, in prison it has spent less month. On the practice which has developed in Georgia the arrested person eks - to the official managed to buy freedom. It has brought $500 thousand in the budget as compensation of the put damage and has been released. After that has left to Moscow where now lives about hundred families of the former officials of Adzharii.

on December, 3rd mister Ninidze was gone. As has told eks - the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Adzharii Dzhemal Gogitidze, that day it and the rector of Batumi university Nuri Varkadze should meet with were vitse - the mayor in area VDNH. But in due time Dzhambul Ninidze has not appeared. both mobile phones of Dzhambul have appeared are disconnected. Next day I have put in the statement for its disappearance in militia - mister Gogitidze has told.

First of all the militia has examined apartment on the Kutuzovsky prospectus where lived the gone. For this purpose detectives had to break a door. conditions in apartment have not been broken. All said that strangers in it were not, and the owner was going to return in the near future. Any proofs specifying in a possible site of Ninidze, we have not found - field investigators of a criminal investigation department have told. After a week, without having received the information on a site of Dzhambul Ninidze, the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Western district of capital has filed criminal charges under article 126 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Kidnapping ) .

Under the version of the Moscow field investigators, Dzhambul Ninidze members of the Georgian organised criminal community " could steal for the purpose of reception of the repayment;. It is quite probable, - one of participants of investigation has told. - Ninidze the person not poor, and Georgian ` thieves in the law ` are always ready to earn on abduction of the fellow countryman .

Representatives adzharskoj diasporas have put forward other version. it is not excluded that it was stolen by people Saakashvili or it was made under their instructions. Ninidze already has once paid for freedom, but it it was a little. Dzhambul and to Moscow - that has left because they the second time were going to take it in hostages, but were not in time - speak in diaspora.

the participation in disappearance of Dzhambul Ninidze deny the authorities of Georgia. after repayment by mister Ninidze of the put damage law enforcement bodies of Georgia do not have to it any questions and claims - have declared yesterday in the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.