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The Federal Commission on Securities has chosen to itself advisers


Since yesterday the new advisory council at Federal Commission on Securities has started to work. Its structure was updated on two third, and anybody from aggressive critics of the commission has not got to it. Objectionable Federal Commission on Securities candidates has not been admitted even to voting process.
advisory council - an advisory body at the Federal Commission on Securities, considering all plans and preparing decisions of the commission. It consists of 25 persons, 12 its members are defined directly by the commission, and 13 are selected at the All-Russia conference of participants of stock market. Last defines 19 candidates, and the definitive choice does Federal Commission on Securities.
in spite of the fact that after Igor Kostikov`s arrival to Federal Commission on Securities of power of council have been cut down, and process of promotion of candidates was exposed time and again to criticism, for the right to participate in its work every time inflames fierce struggle. This time for 13 chosen places on passing in October of last year of conference 31 candidate struggled. As a result in confirmed the order of Federal Commission on Securities the list of councillors has not been include the candidates who have typed the minimum poll.
from the elite at the All-Russia conference of candidates have not got to advisory council Alexander Gordon (IBG NIKojl ), Igor Morjakov ( the Three Dialogue ), Ella Tomilina ( the Power capital ) Alexey Savatjugin (NAUFOR), Oleg Juminov (Association of share institutes).
the council Structure (see the inquiry) is remarkable that authoritative people have entered into it from the market very few. If the former structure included Michael Alekseev, Ruben Vardanjan, Oleg Jachnik, Konstantin Korishchenko now it is possible to note only Michael Laufera and Alexander Sobolja. But in it it has appeared at once four representatives of fund the Center of development of stock market which participate in preparation of decisions of Federal Commission on Securities and actually are employees of the commission.
and known opponents of a policy of Federal Commission on Securities Anatoly Rabinovich and Peter Lanskov have been excluded from the list of candidates and discharged of voting at conference. Representatives of the commission have decided that, standing from the companies in which they work in combination, they break regulations of elections.