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To us have told that live we do not leave, if we do not admit

the Defendant the officer has accused a consequence

Of Makhachkala garrison military court yesterday process over military men from Buinaksk which accuse of plunder, storage, transportation and sale of ammunition and in other crimes has renewed. And, if to trust Office of Public Prosecutor, the part of this ammunition has got to the terrorists who have arranged explosion during demonstration on May, 9th of last year in the city of Kaspijske.
Yesterday`s session has been devoted interrogation of the main thing accused - the chief of engineering service of a body #63354 Nikolays Jamkovogo. As business about movement of ammunition very confused, and charge includes set of episodes, lieutenant colonel Jamkovoj has read the indications on a paper. It has made it on - to the military man accurately: At first named article on which him accuse, then episode number, has read to the charge version, the version, and then as proofs listed documents and surnames of witnesses. Having understood (or as he with irony was expressed, otmazavshis ) Under one article, brought short results and passed to following charge. As a result of its performance it was tightened at some o`clock. One of accusers even has suggested it to unite some repeating points, on what judge Hasplat Rustamov has objected: As you wrote the bill of particulars so he and answers it. It was necessary to the logician to observe .
Officer Jamkovoj has declared that, having entered a post of the chief of an engineering part in August, 2000, it executed the official duties in strict conformity with the charter and instructions. if the summer residence of orders the subordinate is a preliminary arrangement, and execution of official duties is use of office position then I am, of course, guilty - its conclusion was such.
concerning plunder of ammunition defendant Jamkovoj has declared: This charge is constructed on my indications and Ramazanova (the chief kvartirno - an operational part of the Bujnaksky garrison, one of accused on business. - ) which have been beaten out under physical influence in the sixth department of Buinaksk and the sixth department of Makhachkala . According to the defendant, it have fraudulently enticed in a special department which is engaged in struggle against the organised crime, and there have forced to admit that he has sold ammunition for act of terrorism in Kaspijske. To me have broken a jaw, beat plastic bottles with water on a head, kicked with feet. To us have told that live we do not leave, if we do not admit. Then to me have brought grateful indications of Ramazanova... Here there was a question: to live further and to bring up children or to roll around settlement Talgi. Five days did not render me the medical aid, all this time I was in the sixth department. On June, 22nd have transported in a medical unit and hid it from part command. Did not start up lawyers. As soon as me have transported in a pre-trial detention centre, I have reversed at once all earlier given evidences and have told, how all was actually. The consequence was very dissatisfied with it... Me carried in Office of Public Prosecutor, repeatedly offended and threatened with physical violence. Then the consequence began to forge documents, for example, have changed date and an interrogation place. I do not know, under whose order it became, but it is obvious that wanted to find extreme or guilty on the Caspian act of terrorism .
In summary defendant Jamkovoj has declared: All charges against us are fabricated with one purpose - to blacken army... It not we, and the Office of Public Prosecutor causes a damage to interests of the state . The judge has urged it to observe an order then interrogation was continued by the charge party.
public prosecutors have set to lieutenant colonel Jamkovomu set of questions on its duties, about an order of the account of ammunition and even about fighting characteristics of antipersonnel mine MON - 90, than the judge have displeased. He has asked them to set to a matter of substance of business and at the same time has tried to calm lawyers.
- business difficult, work at them difficult, - was explained by him to defenders. On what those have there and then answered: And let do not accuse, your honour!
one of accusers, having seen contradictions in indications of defendant Jamkovogo in court and on preliminary investigation, has asked the judge to announce reports of interrogations. Lawyer Jamkovogo Svetlana Ostrikova has objected that these interrogations cannot be considered as proofs because were spent without lawyers and with application of physical violence then the judge declared a break. Today session will proceed.
will watch process.
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