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Russia - Lolita native land

Tatu - Russian phenomenon which could estimate in the West where anything similar it is impossible to make - within the limits of operating criminal codes. So considers a pornoobserver IGOR - MALTSEV.
some days before real summarising of week a hit - parade of popularity of musical singles as Britain under version BBC - 1 in Russian zone of the Internet already affirmed that the first place will occupy Russian duet Tatu (under the western version T. a. t. u - as there the Tatu exists). It says not so much about knowledge the Internet - journalists, how many about car activity on ignition of bottoms - stars and that promotion of one and zadvizhenie others - process conducted by adult and serious uncles.
adult uncles very much like to look naked girls. Also share on those who admits it (as soon as that the detained leader of group The Who Peter Tausend), and those who does not admit it publicly never. From among the last in the West producer Ivan Shapovalov and company Universal (to which posesses label Interscope) also types devoted spectators of a duet.
first when it was still domestic act, was ridiculous to observe, how the pair of girls from dormitory areas of Moscow funny copies images and collisions of film Fuckin Amal ( Show me love in a local writing) Lukasa Mudissona. And any quantity of the Russian teenagers has solved: Here it - contemporaries and adults do not understand me. Probably, I the lesbian .
In Russia not so the pedophilia topic as the society is not so segregated to a generational sign is strong. Here the forty-year man can easy get acquainted with absolutely young girl and enter with it sexual relations. In Europe and the USA it is almost unreal, the society extremely treats badly such stories. Therefore interest to pedophilia in the West has reached for last three years of the peak. And the Internet became Vladimir Nabokov`s deputy on the Earth.
Jacobs of the young child (Julja Volkova 1985, Lena Katin 1984) Ostensibly lesbians (now they assert that they have boy friends in far Russia), ostensibly singers ( songs disgustingly sung by shrill voices - the citation from All Music Guide) are a success in those countries where the theme pedofilicheskih scandals is most actual. The third place in a hit - parade of Belgium, the first - in Austria, the first - in Switzerland, the fifth - in France and here now the first - in Britain.
the most ridiculous that five years ago this day a song number one in Britain became I Believe I can Fly the singer R.Kelli whom last week have accused of pedophilia and that and look will plant years on ten.
it is possible, in persons of young Russian lesbians the English public sees persons of two girls stolen, raped and killed it is literally several months ago the serial maniac and its girl-friend. And as if again all are live and healthy.
album producing 200 km/ h in the wrong Lane For Interscope (left on September, 17th, 2002) Trevor Horn, known to general public on a prophetical single " was engaged; Video Kills Radio Star (1980) c duet The Buggles. Probably, therefore in a hit - a song so a lot of keyboard in comparison with the Russian version all guitars also are cleaned. From its last merits - number one in a hit - parade for a song of LeAnn Rajmss) Can ` t Fight The Moonlight (2000).
Certainly to discuss Russian juvenile lesbians incomparably it is more interesting, than their creativity which has no relation even to the priest - a scene. A popularity basis Tatu in answers search the Internet - cars " in the West lies; Free Russian SexTeens Russian Amateur Girlies Russian 16 Minus Plus and in that traffic which delivers the Internet - to providers the diffident bald European forty-year clerk when its own children already go to bed.
the First places on sales of singles mean huge money for executors and producers. It means that false lesbians Lena and Julja already very soon become almost millionaires. And then the most interesting will begin - sharing of money and breaking of covers. Present, instead of false.