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Hugo Chavez calls new intermediaries

Yesterday near to Caracas there was a new collision of supporters of the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez with opposition. While the international intermediaries try to set the parties for a negotiating table, the president names an event war and calls to the aid Vladimir Putin and Fidel Castro.
yesterday when oppositional demonstrators were going to hold antigovernmental meeting in small town Charallave in 50 km from the Venezuelan capital, they were attacked by supporters Hugo Chavez. They began to throw in demonstrators of a bottle and stones, and then have set fire to the scene prepared for performances. When guards have tried to stop slaughter, unknown persons have opened fire on crowd. Policemen have answered them. As a result of firing one person was lost, some tens have got wounds. To establish, who has started to shoot - supporters of the president or opposition, - and it was not possible.
the beginning of the eighth week of national strike (it proceeds since December, 2nd) which, according to the most conservative estimates, has already managed to the government in $4 billion Most of all the president was marked by This collision is disturbed by strike of workers of state oil company PDVSA - the profit on oil sale made almost half of receipts in the state budget. Oil manufacture has decreased from 3 million barrels a day to 800 thousand (according to opposition - to 600 thousand) . Now PDVSA is under control of military men.
opponents Hugo Chavez assert that from - for absence of qualified personnel on manufacture every day there are accidents. According to the opposition, the strikebreakers employed by the government became the reason of 60 failures during which time about 4,5 thousand barrels of oil has poured out in the sea, there were seven fires, some persons have got wounds and one was lost, and in the country there was a danger of ecological accident. Especially disturbing situation, according to opposition, has developed on lake Maracaibo on severo - the country West where tankers refuel oil. Its surface is covered by oil spillages, and on a lake bottom as opponents of the president speak, a toxic waste is dumped. The captains of three tankers who are taking part in strike, have told to journalists that the authorities intimidated, detained and even tortured members of their commands to force people to come to work. When those have refused to obey, on their places has been employed nekvalifitsirovannyj - Iraqis, Lebaneses and Cubans.
the authorities deny all these charges. The minister of protection of environment of Ana Elisa Osorio asserts that oil spillages about which the opposition speaks, were and before strike. And she has accused striking workers of the oil giant who have irresponsibly left workplaces of all taking place failures and accidents.
inability of the authorities of Venezuela to settle the conflict to opposition against the growing prices for oil forces to become more active the international intermediaries. Now the Group of friends of Venezuela, created last week Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and the USA, is going to gather in Washington at level of heads of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs. friends should help the secretary general of the Organization of the American states Sesaru Gavirii who since November of last year unsuccessfully tries to reconcile Hugo Chavez with opposition. With the same intentions to Venezuela recently there has arrived Jimmy Carter though formally aim its trips - rest and fishing.
president Chavez dissatisfied with a course of negotiations with opposition, suggests to include Russia, Cuba and France in number of intermediaries. At the same time last statements and acts of the Venezuelan president do not give the grounds to think that it is ready to compromises. The president has let know that if the large enterprises and strike further, to them the strict measures can be applied. What - incident with factory Coca capture - Cola past Friday has shown: soldiers have dispersed protection of the striking enterprise and have distributed banks from the cook - koloj to the gathered crowd. those who deprives the meal people, and then accuses the president of an arbitrariness, betray the nation - has commented on this episode mister Chavez.
representatives of opposition he names precisely fascist terrorists and events in the country - war. The country is at war. It is war of mass-media, political, economic and moral war. We here battle - Hugo Chavez has told. What here negotiations.