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Gerhard Schroder the economy

has brought an Economic crisis endured by Germany, hardly did not cost to Gerhard Schroder of a post of the chancellor in September and became the main reason of its defeat on ground elections past Sunday. The main claim of opposition to the head of the government - unreasonable taxes which do not allow to the enterprises to develop. After a victory of mister Schroder on obshchefederalnyh elections new taxes, in particular 15 - the percentage profit tax from property sale have been imposed. Besides, on 0,4 % payments in pension funds, and also in social insurance funds have grown.
other problem from which could not consult it is red - green - unemployment. In 1998 during election campaign Gerhard Schroder declared that the chancellor at whom in the country of 4 million unemployed, it is not worthy re-elections. However according to all available information, today in Germany already 4,5 million unemployed that has allowed to voters a superfluous occasion to feel deceived.
In connection with a high rate of unemployment, discontent of Germans with introduction of uniform European currency and stagnation in economy for last year in Germany on 3 % consumer activity has decreased. Has painfully struck on economy and a train of the bankruptcies which have amazed Germany. Daily in the country 110 enterprises are ruined. At chancellor Schroder there were the loudest bankruptcies of last years - wreck Kirch Media, ruin of second-large German civil engineering firm Philipp Holzmann, bankruptcy of the manufacturer of stationery Herlitz, deprived Germany of 590 thousand workplaces. But most painfully German voters have apprehended ruin of aviamanufacturer Fairchild Dornier - the government have accused that it has not made anything for rescue of the world famous company.
Besides, in the end of the last year the Eurocommission has begun investigation against Germany because deficiency of the state budget of Germany has made 3,75 % from gross national product while the threshold established by the pact of stability for members of the European Union, makes 3 %. The governments of Germany should take till May, 21st of this year measures on budgeted deficit decrease, differently Germany is threatened with the penalty to 0,5 % from gross national product.