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Insurgents have begun rail war

act of terrorism

Yesterday in the Chechen Republic to employees of linear department of militia it was possible to prevent large act of terrorism on the railway: at station Gudermes under the car of a passenger train Grozny - Moscow has been found and neutralised an explosive, capable to derail all structure.
in 12. 50 when to a withdrawal of a train #182 Grozny - Moscow from station Gudermes remains only ten minutes, with a call centre of linear department on a portable radio set the head of customs group has communicated and has informed that on a frame under the fifth car the cellophane package is found out. In it specially trained dog has smelt an explosive. The militiamen who have arrived on a platform evacuated from a train of passengers then sappers have opened a suspicious package. In it there were two trotyl draughts on 200 g everyone.
As the head has told to the correspondent a press - services Severo - the Caucasian Department of Internal Affairs on transport Sergey Purgin, departure of passenger structure should be detained at two o`clock: All structure should be examined on - new, and also have carefully checked up luggage of passengers. The terrorist after all could try to repeat attempt at the following station, already outside of the Chechen Republic where so scrupulously any more do not examine . But anything suspicious militiamen any more do not send, and a train though and with delay, has gone.
eight months ago the explosive put in bank from under coffee, has been found under a seat in the car of a local electric train at station Grozny. However, trotyl was without a detonator. According to field investigators then the explosive in the empty car, most likely, has appeared casually: the terrorist has left it, probably, having been frightened spent on station zachistki.
According to mister Purgina, a case in Gudermes - the first attempt to blow up a passenger train of distant following. Neither in the first, nor in the second military campaigns insurgents did not attempt upon passenger structures in the Chechen Republic though cargo, and especially military echelons undermine regularly. Anything strange in it as field investigators consider, was not: relatives of insurgents and consequently they have not been interested in the termination of movement of a train used passenger train. Now, probably, this taboo is removed.
a train Grozny - Moscow is started up only one year ago. Before inhabitants of the Chechen Republic had to use nazranskim train that delivered many inconveniences. Passenger planes from Grozny do not fly till now - military men do not guarantee safety. If on the railway acts of terrorism movement on a route Grozny - Moscow can interrupt again begin. And then Chechens again should go to Moscow from Nazran, twice overpaying from - for deficiency of tickets.