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Already in a pose put not me, and the mayor

Valery Shantsev about elections vitse - the mayor of Moscow
the regional policy

Yesterday in hotel the Youth there has passed the first conference of the Moscow regional branch of the Russian incorporated industrial party (ROPP). Performance vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantseva who on public has commented for the first time on the decision of Moscow City Court on illegality of election vitse - the mayor of Moscow became deification of party action. Mister Shantsev has promised that will be to struggle up to the end .
At yesterday`s conference prompartii to mister Shantsevu have taken away a place of honour in presidium. Having exacted a promise right after an opening address of the chairman of Moscow branch ROPP of Vladimir Klyuyev, vitse - the mayor has praised party for the desire and aiming to participate in political life of the country . Having listened to promises about all support of industrialists, the general director of Joint-Stock Company Saturn Joseph Zelman has not sustained and has reminded mister Shantsevu that between you and us a huge layer of officials which have declared war to the Moscow enterprises . look at the personnel structure " More attentively; - mister Zelman has advised to the visitor. The awkward situation was smoothed by a question, in time set to mister Shantsevu someone from Party members: To mass-media there is a fuss about selectivity or nevybornosti your post. The fighter you or not the fighter?
in the autumn of last year the State Office of Public Prosecutor has challenged in Moscow City Court conformity to the federal legislation of points 1, 2 and Z articles 43 of the charter of Moscow which provide election of a post vitse - the mayor. Claim consideration has begun on November, 1st, 2002, and on January, 16th the court recognised these points invalid and not subject to application. If this decision is not challenged in the Supreme court within ten days, it will come into force and on coming in December of this year elections of the capital mayor candidates on a post of the town governor will be selected without vitse - mayors.
the question so was pleasant vitse - to the mayor that he has started to answer it with much bigger enthusiasm, than told about relations with industrialists. Valery Shantsev has begun from apart: the Post I such that every year as there come elections, at me have troubles. You remember 96 - j year when me have blown up also I has received 50 % of burns of a body. In 99 - m in mass-media whole half a year was to year fuss of that to Shantsevu the end, political career its finish and now at Luzhkov new favourites. Boos, Yastrzhembsky, a Tolkachyov, Resin were called. I then was silent, in any way did not make comments. There has come time to Luzhkov to be put forward in mayors, and he has told: ` I go and I take with myself Shantseva `. And all it has ended, has sunk into oblivion . By a recognition of mister Shantseva, as there has again come year of elections he waited, when all again will begin . However, this time it has begun impudently, and already in a pose put not me, and the mayor . As has explained vitse - the mayor, as a matter of fact, it (Yury Luzhkov. - ) deprive of possibility to tell to all of us with whom he wants to work .
Therefore Valery Shantsev is full of determination to defend itself and the post up to the end: I consider that a judgement absolutely illegal, therefore I am not going to resign. Let me dismiss on a judgement .
After so ardent speech mister Shantsev has left, than has very much afflicted the Party members, intending to ask vitse - the mayor to help the Moscow branch ROPP with offices for party. However, this idea was supported the leader prompartii by Elena Panin: We not helpless, have weight in Moscow and we will consult .