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The Krasnoyarsk electoral committee was appealed against

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On Wednesday in the Supreme court of Russia the appeal on the decision of Krasnoyarsk regional court on dissolution of regional election committee will arrive. It was declared yesterday by the chairman Krasnoyarsk krajizbirkoma George Kostrykin who has underlined that the appeal is a position of principle of members of election committee .
on September, 22nd, 2002 the head of Tajmyrsky joint-stock company Alexander Hloponin, according to preliminary data, approximately on 6 % has outstripped the speaker of regional Legislative Assembly Alexander Ussa in the second round of elections of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region. On September, 29th krajizbirkom recognised results of elections void, having referred to the infringements of the law ostensibly admitted by a staff of Alexander Hloponina. On September, 30th the regional court has obliged electoral committee to sum up votings. Next day the electoral committee has executed a judgement and has summed up elections, however again recognised as their void. On October, 3rd the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has appointed Alexander Hloponina and. An island of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region. On October, 4th the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation has cancelled the decision krajizbirkoma and recognised Alexander Hloponina as the winner of elections. To execute decision TSIKa the Krasnoyarsk electoral committee recognised on October, 11th elections taken place. On December, 25th the Central Electoral Committee has addressed in Krasnoyarsk regional court with the requirement to disband election committee of Krasnoyarsk region. On January, 27th the regional court has satisfied the Central Electoral Commission claim.
according to mister Kostrykina, now the legal group of electoral committee studies a motivation part of the decision of regional court that at the appeal to specify the facts on which basis committee-men challenge the passed decision. we keep within terms: we have received a judgement on January, 28th, and ten days which have been released on preparation of documents, yet have not expired. Arguments on which basis the judgement will be appealed against, will arrive in the Supreme court on Wednesday - George Kostrykin has informed. He also has once again underlined: the Appeal is a position of principle of members of election committee, and completely not groundless obstinacy .
Our demonstrative base was convincing enough. And suddenly the judgement it has denied all. The constitution of the Russian Federation asserts that Russia is a lawful state. But I already start to doubt this thesis because within three months we could not achieve judicial protection. We are in the field of a legal lawlessness - mister Kostrykin considers. However to give comments as a matter of fact the complaint prepared for the Supreme court it while has refused.
in the meantime deputies of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Krasnoyarsk region have decided to cheer Kostrykinu up . So member of parliament Yury Abakumov has defined an essence of one of decisions of constant commission ZS on the state building, local government and development of institutes of a civil society. Having considered the letter of Council of federation in which it is offered to regions to put forward the representatives in new structure of the Central Electoral Commission (it it will be generated by March, and its five members delegates Council of Federation), Krasnoyarsk members of parliament have decided to address to chairman ZS Alexander Ussu and governor Alexander Hloponinu with the offer to carry out consultations of the next territories and to present as the uniform candidate for members TSIKa of George Kostrykina. It we will lift as - that, we will encourage - deputy Oleg Pashchenko has explained this offer. Definitively this question will be solved at the nearest session of Legislative Assembly.
BORIS - ELSHIN, Krasnoyarsk