Rus News Journal

Direct speech

you would show Saddam Hussein without denominations?

Vladimir Pozner conducting the programs Times the First channel :
- It not an odious figure, it the president of the country. I, certainly, would interview Hussein. And all would occur without excesses, even on the air because if you are not able to operate the person who gives you interview then it is better not to be engaged in journalism.

Nikolay Svanidze, the author and the leader of the program the Mirror on RTR channel:
- Looking that he would tell. But also then I would not began to promise that would let out it in an aether without denominations. There is a rule of the international television community on which that he will tell performances of such people as Hussein, should not go to an aether completely - whether a little. People of type of the Iraq leader can tell weight of things harmful to the world.

Tatyana Mitkova, the editor-in-chief of service of the information of NTV:
- Offers on translation of interview of Iraq leader Saddam Hussein of a broadcasting company of NTV did not arrive. In this connection to tell about possible occurrence on air of it interview while it is inexpedient.

Grigory Krichevsky, the director of an information announcement of broadcasting company TVS:
- We - the private company, therefore reserve the right to itself to warn the newsmaker that interview can go on the air the reduced. I think, we would not began to show, for example, frank appeals to war. Hussein not the terrorist, is not put on the international wanted list, another matter that in a month a situation can change.

Tutta Larsen, conducting a current - show Reason and feelings TV channel MTV - Russia:
- I with it would communicate to pleasure, but not about a policy, and for life. Would set to it, for example, such question: That do you want for the children? I know that children at it much. Would ask about religion, the relation to women; it is interesting, how they have achieved that they practically do not have problems with a narcotism. I think, the spectator has the right on not cut off Hussein.

Alexander Gerasims, the assistant to the general director on socially - to an information announcement of Ren TV channel:
- would show, it after all while officially the criminal is not recognised. Besides, there is widely used way to bypass the law: we have no right to show direct speech of the criminal, and a picture and a voice of the journalist behind a shot with comments - please. For a long time all use it, considering that in our country very few people knows the Arabian. It is clear that Hussein`s interview has gone with denominations, but only from time reasons, and we would leave the basic positions.

Vladimir Solovev, conducting programs the Breakfast with Solovevym And Look, who has come TV channel TVS:
- Yes I though am now ready to take off for Iraq. Why it is impossible to communicate without denominations to the Iraq leader whereas to show Zhirinovsky without denominations it is possible? It is difficult to be brought up worse, than VVZH. It would be curious to communicate to Hussein, only here with transfer there would be problems, I mean idiomatics.