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Today - Independence Day of Shri - Lanki
U. B.Vidzhekon, ambassador Shri - Lanki in Russia
For me a great honour to act with best regards on the occasion of 55 - j anniversaries of independence of Democratic Socialist Republic Shri - Lanka. In 1948 Shri - Lanka has won independence after more than 300 years of colonial sovereignty. Today I would like to remind of history of ours of traditionally friendship with Russia and other former republics USSR.
after nine years after an independence gain, on February, 19th, 1957, between Shri - Lankoj and the USSR have been established diplomatic relations. This event had special value as has shown truly independent character of foreign policy of the government led by the prime minister - the minister S. of Century R.D.Bandaranaike. Embassy Shri - Lanki in Moscow has been opened on May, 16th the same year. However the history Russian - lankijskih relations has begun much earlier. The first Russian consulate has opened in a city of Halle in 1891. And the first Russian have appeared in Shri - Lanke even earlier - in the middle of a XIX-th century. Today the embassy in Moscow represents interests of Shri - Lanki also in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and in Ukraine.
communications between our two countries cover all spheres: a policy, economy, culture - also serve for the good of our people, and also stability and safety in region of Southern Asia and behind its limits promote the world. These old relations between Shri - Lankoj and the USSR, and subsequently Russia are based on the firm base of sincerity and mutual understanding. Their strengthening is promoted also by the human factor: thousand lankijtsev have received here higher education.
well-known that fact that art workers of Shri - Lanki derived inspiration from Russian cultural and literary tradition. We hope that our communications become even closer thanks to the renewed program of a cultural and educational exchange on 2002 - 2003, signed during visit of Minister for Foreign Affairs Shri - Lanki Tirone Fernando to Russia last year. SHri - Lanka as the country adhering to Buddhist doctrine theravada, highly appreciates ground allocation in Pleasant for building of a Buddhist temple. Now together with other Buddhist countries of the world we should work actively that our dreams became a reality. Undoubtedly, it will serve strengthening of relations between Buddhists of Russia and Buddhists of the whole world.
new reference points to development of economy of Shri - Lanki have been given, when a number of bilateral agreements about economic and technical cooperation in 1958 has been signed. Today Shri - Lanka is the trading partner of Russia second for the importance in Southern Asia after India. Russia - one of the basic commodity markets for the Ceylon tea. In 2003, after signing the agreement on avoidance of the double taxation, in our trade relations the new era has opened.
I would like to underline especially that Shri Lanka highly appreciates support in fight against terrorism from Russia - the countries which on itself tests that such terrorism. I would like to thank the government of the Russian Federation for the help and the cooperation rendered to government Shri - Lanki when we worried hard times. The heartrending experience, fallen to a lot of our country after independence finding, became absence of unity of the nation. The governments replacing each other tried to achieve the world in the country. The prime minister - the minister Has wounded Vikremesinghe has undertaken new efforts in this direction, having signed the agreement on cease-fire with Tigers of clearing of Tamil Ilama on February, 22nd, 2002. These days, after 19 years of the sufferings which have carried away lives more than 64 thousand People, allow me to express hope that implementation of this agreement will clear the way for the world and will promote situation normalisation in Shri - Lanke.
In summary I would like to use the possibility given to me to express the gratitude lankijskoj to diaspora, friendship association Shri Lanka - Russia to students, the Buddhist society of Shri - to Lanki and a museum at University of friendship of the people for their invaluable help rendered to embassy Shri - Lanki in its work. There is no doubt that relations between Russia and Shri - Lankoj have huge potential for the further development. This happy day when I only - only start to execute the functions of ambassador Shri - Lanki in Moscow, I would like to assure you that friendship between our countries will be and to develop and cover all new spheres of cooperation further.
yes prebudet blessing of gods and the Triple pearl with you, your families and relatives. Let you are accompanied always by happiness and prosperity.