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To defenders have forbidden to be spat

Lawyer Moscow has lost in race for power
congress of lawyers

the All-Russia congress of lawyers on which beginning of work informed last Saturday, has created Federal lawyer chamber (FAP), has accepted the code of professional etiquette and has selected the president of chamber of Petersburg lawyer Evgenie Semenjako. Suffered defeat in struggle for this post the deputy of State Duma Gasan Mirzoev has declared that elections were spent with dirty technologies . With details - EKATERINA - ZAPODINSKY.
ballot for councillors FAP who, in turn, should name the president of chamber was the Main intrigue of the first lawyer congress. For a post #1 in the Russian legal profession the president of Guild of the Russian lawyers, the deputy of State Duma Gasan Mirzoev was considered as one of favourites of struggle. However, delegates of congress from so-called traditional boards some times asked from a hall a question to mister Mirzoev sitting in presidium: Why you, Gasan Borisovich, break the law, combining the status of the lawyer and a deputy post? on what that answered: here will choose me the president of lawyer chamber of the country then, well, I will say goodbye to deputy immunity.
by the night on Saturday voting results became known: mister Mirzoev not only have not selected the head of chamber, but at all have not included in council from 36 persons, one of which members should become the president. The deputy so has commented to the correspondent on the defeat: that is result of dirty technologies, I do not doubt at all. Some worthy people have not got to council. For me 158 delegates should vote, and I knew them all to uniform, and it has turned out as a result of only 94 voices. But congress yet has not ended - in council of chamber there is no eight more, and I think, we will select there new people. On following elections observers should be, the press on bulletins. And in general, whatever occurred, the legal profession moves forward - for it we and last ten years " struggled;.
Gasana Mirzoev`s Opponents, basically from among lawyers of Mosgorkollegii, also have missed in council of one active worker - known defender Nikolay Gagarin. Voting did not hide that throw black spheres to mister Gagarin not as to the professional and as to the friend and the partner of the head of capital lawyer chamber of Henry Reznika, whose hostility to mister Mirzoev and the so-called parallel boards created by it is widely known in lawyer circles.
in management FAP of lawyers from Moscow it has not appeared at all. Head Sankt - the Petersburg Bar Evgenie Semenjako who was lobbied by Putin`s Presidential Administration became the president. By vice-presidents head Mosoblkollegii Alexey Galoganov, the vice-president of lawyer chamber of Moscow Region Yury Sorokin and the president of lawyer chamber of the Voronezh region Vladimir Kalitvin have been selected.
Participants of congress also have accepted the code of professional etiquette of the lawyers which project was presented by known defender Andrey Makarov. In its opinion, the law on legal profession does the representative of this trade defenceless as for the slightest sin the law provides the termination of lawyer powers. Meanwhile if the lawyer has spat in the street and it is fixed in the militian report it is not necessary, as mister Makarov considers, at once it to dismiss, and to begin with it is possible to be limited to summary punishment. And if the defender refuses to give evidences on preliminary investigation and court on a question connected with execution by it of professional duties it not only should not be punished, but even it is necessary to encourage, as the lawyer secret is sacred. And here if the lawyer, protecting accused on preliminary investigation, has extorted from it all money and further has refused to participate in litigation, it, according to lawyer Makarova, worse than ever: We also differ from representatives of other trades that should run business up to the end .
However, lawyer Gasanu Mirzoev not absolutely liked this code of ethics: it left to a microphone and has declared that the defender should answer only for actions at execution of professional duties. and if it the wife or the neigbour has offended houses, - mister Mirzoev, - that and here lawyer ethics has noticed? Passions in the course of code discussion have inflamed before that the member of presidium of congress Alexey Galoganov has offered lawyers on a choice: either to cause militia, or to assume the code as a basis with the subsequent completion. After short disputes participants of congress have stopped on the second offer though that remains in the code after its completion, anybody and has not understood.