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Deputies have argued from - for rates on a horse

the bank legislation

Yesterday in the State Duma amendments have been made to the law About banks and bank activity concerning urgent transactions. Authors of the project are assured that they will raise stability of bank system . Their opponents consider the bill absurd, as it is impossible to demand judicial protection for those who simply puts money on a horse .
Yesterday members of bank committee have introduced in the State Duma the bill About modification and additions in the federal law ` About banks and bank activity ` . According to developers, it is necessary for regulation of the urgent transactions made by banks which were considered till now as transactions - a bet (see the inquiry).
The project contains direct instructions on possibility of fulfilment by banks of various urgent transactions, including what are not carried out till now in the domestic market from - for their legal neuregulirovannosti - for example, percentage, forward and future transactions. Thus, the urgent transactions concluded by the credit organisations, receive high-grade judicial protection - one of authors of the law has declared the vice-president of bank committee of the Duma Vladimir Tarachev.
however other vice-president of the same bank committee Pavel Medvedev considers that the bill conducts in deadlock . to Demand, that debaters have been protected by court in the order established by the law, is an absurdity. After all, as a matter of fact, it is a question of a bet on jumps. For this purpose, more likely, it is necessary to make the corresponding amendment to the Civil code. Besides, why forward and future transactions are carried exclusively to bank operations? On - to mine to develop the separate law more correctly, instead of to correct bank - deputy Medvedev
Meanwhile has declared, according to mister Tarachev, amendments are co-ordinated with Bank of Russia and they are supported by bank community . However opinions of bankers on this question have appeared not so unequivocal as it is represented to the deputy. According to the head of department on public relations of National reserve bank of Vladimir Krivosheeva, the general universal law is necessary - there is nothing to produce additional interpretations, instructions and orders. Otherwise there will be a possibility for interpretation of the law by each interested party in own interests .
In opinion of the deputy director of department of operations in the financial markets Impeksbank Alexey Strunilina, it is necessary to accept as soon as possible standard documents to settle legal side of the conclusion of urgent transactions. At present the urgency of fulfilment of these transactions is obvious both to banks, and for clients - legal persons. In this sense amendments to the law on banks and bank activity as, by experience, realisation and execution of separate bills occupy more time, than the amendment to the law " will be most adequate;.