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The Russian dry-cargo ship was drowned by Turkish weather forecasters


Yesterday in Black sea at passage Bosporus the Russian dry-cargo ship " has sunk; the Sagittarius “. Seven seamen were lost. Causes of accident are not established yet, however owners of a vessel assert that they were brought by an erroneous weather forecast of a Turkish weather service. And, under the Russian side version, could sink and other vessels which were in this area.
“ the Sagittarius “ came back from Turkish port Jaindzhar where delivered cargo, in the Russian port Taganrog with empty holds. Approaching to Bosporus, the captain of a vessel has received the weather report which allowed a class vessel " from Turkish service; the river - the sea “ to follow further. However about three o`clock in the morning the storm Moscow time has begun. During this moment “ the Sagittarius “ there was in 150 miles from coast of Turkey around port Zonguldak. From - for a strong gusty north and the risen storm the vessel has broken half-and-half and has gone to a bottom. As the person on duty State sea koordinatsionno - the saving centre of Ministry of Transport of Russia, " subsequently has informed; in Bosporus the five-point storm that complicates poiskovo - salvage operations " was the whole day long observed;. Ten ships participated In search works - three Russian, one Bulgarian and six Turkish, and also the Russian plane An - 26. The captain of the Russian dry-cargo ship " co-ordinated searches; Altai “.
All on “ the Sagittarius “ there were 14 crewmen. Under last message which has arrived from the captain, all members of team were evacuated from the sinking ship on saving rafts. After some hours rescuers have lifted from the sea and delivered to coast of senior mechanic Sergey Lukyanenko and sailor Sergey Barchukova. It was possible to find six of seven saving rafts by whom has been equipped " Later; The Sagittarius “. All of them have appeared empty. Then the first have been found out a victim. Five sunk seamen have lifted aboard the Bulgarian vessel, and a two more - on Russian. Searches of five more seamen proceed.
the dry-cargo ship “ the Sagittarius “ belonged to joint-stock company “ the Moscow river shipping company “ also has been attributed to port of St.-Petersburg.
- the vessel was in an excellent condition, - Alexander Monahov has told zamgendirektora joint-stock company. - it has been constructed in 1990, and last dock survey has passed in 2000. However, in 1997 ` the Sagittarius ` villages on a bank on Don, however then has done without damages.
as have told in the company, the vessel and its command have been insured in ROSNO, but for which sum, did not begin to specify. Insurers named the sum of $1,45 million Thus in ROSNO have informed that the contract of insurance of a vessel has been concluded on June, 19th, 2002 and that yesterday any statements from the owner “ the Sagittarius “ to them did not arrive.
the ship-wreck Reasons are not established yet. However Alexander Monahov believes that in  destruction “ the Sagittarius “ the Turkish side is guilty. “ I am assured that the crew of a vessel which Valery Ageev - the professional of high level ordered, has done the utmost for rescue ` the Sagittarius ` and the people who were onboard, - mister Monahov has declared. - so I exclude even the assumption that the command has committed an error which could lead to tragedy. Under the preliminary version, the wrong weather forecast of the Turkish authorities which have received the captain of the dry-cargo ship and all other vessels which were near to Bosporus became a cause of accident. According to this forecast, ` the Sagittarius ` could follow the course, without being afraid of a storm, however it has as a result appeared in hurricane epicentre “.
Yesterday zamgendirektora joint-stock company “ the Moscow river shipping company “ could not tell, whether its company will submit judicial claims to the Turkish side: “ We will be defined after investigation end. If meteorologists really appear originators of state of emergency, we so will not leave it “.