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The former mayor has suffered it was not known for what

the attack

in the centre of Stavropol is made Yesterday an attack on the former mayor Ivan Timoshenko. Unknown persons have cruelly beaten the official and its driver. Now both are in nejrohirurgicheskom city hospital branch.
in the Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol have told that the attack is not similar neither to hooliganism, nor on a robbery. Two young men waited for Ivan Timoshenko at its house since evening of Sunday (them neighbours saw). When on Monday about nine mornings the former mayor has gone out of doors, they have approached to it and have politely asked, whether it Ivan Timoshenko. Having received the affirmative answer, they have there and then started it to beat. Has thus got also to the car driver who waited for Timoshenko`s mister near an entrance of its house. Then young men, having selected nothing at the victims, it is quiet and with advantage have left. According to police officers, at the first poll the victim happened did not begin to put forward any versions. He has informed only that now anywhere does not work, with anybody no any affairs has and does not understand that has occurred.
- we while need to guess only that has served as the attack reason on Timoshenko, - the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Alexander Morgun has told. - Perhaps, it is connected with its former work, maybe, this someone`s prevention. Unfortunately, versions the sea - and anything defined. And the victim prefers to be silent.
Ivan Timoshenko has come to the mayoralty of Stavropol in February, 2001. Before he has had time to work on various posts in VLKSM and the CPSU, and also the head of one of the largest Stavropol enterprises - NPO Ljuminofor . Becoming the first deputy of the mayor of Stavropol Michael Kuzmin, it supervised economy questions. After Michael Kuzmin has been chosen in the Stavropol thought and has ahead of schedule left a post of the mayor, city deputies have appointed Timoshenko`s mister the head of administration of Stavropol. In eight months, besides under the thought decision, it has ahead of schedule combined powers.
deputies motivated the decision rigidly. The head of administration have accused that it has not consulted with the duties: the economic situation in the regional centre at it has considerably worsened. Only according to official figures, the city debts on utilities have grown to 500 million roubles. Besides, deputies have convicted Ivan Timoshenko that he in law infringement owns actions of three business concerns. In local mass-media informed also that Timoshenko`s mister too generously distributed podrjady on building of city objects.